Prime Minister Hun Sen Reminds Officials to Serve People

Source: AKP

Prime Minister Hun Sen has urged all officials to be a loyal and responsible public servants and that they are beholden to the people.

The message was delivered Monday during the graduation ceremony for 751 trainees and students of Royal School of Administration.

“All government officials must know that we are the faithful servants to our citizens and that the citizens are our masters,” stated the premier.

“We must respond to the needs of our masters and make our masters happy,” he added.

The premier also advised officers to behave decently following the traditional Cambodian slogan which can be translated as “Arrogance is a turn off; humble is a turn on”.

This is the 20th graduating class of the Royal School of Administration.

More than 1,000 trainees have graduated and now serve in the government.

The premier always takes the opportunity at graduation ceremonies to advise and direct trainees to contribute to the country’s development and to better serve the people.