Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Ramadan Breaking Dinner at the Jrang Jamreh Mosque, Km 9, Phnom Penh


[Unofficial Translation]

Attending a Ramadan breaking dinner at the Jrang Jamreh Mosque, Km 9, Russei Keo of Phnom Penh, Samdech Techo Hun Sen made the following impromptu speech:

… Minutes ago, I had a consultation with board of directors, HE Osman Hassan, Hakim … I think that there should be an office for the board of directors. The board of directors has more or less many jobs to do as those of the Buddhist Chief Sangharaja … It is therefore important to have a place where they can work. When we are building a 24-classroom four-storey building over here, we will have that old building over there taken down and build an office for the board of director. We will have this for generations of the Muslims here to work in […]

I have a suggestion though. May intellectuals and/or students of Muslim community work out their own architecture. Many of you received training thanks to peace provided by the Cambodian People’s Party. According to information given by HE Zakaria Adam, the office will also be a four-storey one. I would leave that up to you and I will just send in construction contractors after your architectural plan finalized. That you work on the architectural plan yourself, you will be enable to keep your Muslim style or according to needs of your Islam religion […]

… Thank you all for inviting me to share and have the Ramadan breaking dinner. To assist the Mosque to manage with whatever it needs, I am offering to Hakims a sum of 50 million Riels. They may want to use for whatever they see fit … I am so happy that I could make my time to join with you on this auspicious religious ceremony and have the chance to share with you a four-storey buidlings, plus a similar high building for the Board of Islam Directors. This is about all I need to say and I call on Allah to bless us with peaceful life. Thank You.