Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​​ Visiting Flash Flood Victims at Location 1, O Jreou, Banteay Meanjei Province [Unofficial Tanslation]

Heroic Actions of People, Authorities, Civil Servants, and Armed Forces

I am coming back again today to meet with more people whose livelihood have been affected by flash flood […] please allow me to take this opportune moment to bring you messages from HM the King and the Queen Mother who always care about your conditions. Please allow me to also share with you all hardships caused by this flash flood, which according to the governor Um Reatrey, among the 39 people lost their lives, 22 are in Beanteay Meanjei, […] where in Malai, it happened to a two years old child […]

To life is now safe and we can gather here, flood consequences will be the challenges for our people in every households to restore their families’ livelihoods and economies. We are alive though. While coping with difficulties created by flood, we also continue to fight with Covid-19, which, I think, is an enemy harder to conquer. While we can see from where flood came and where it went, we have no way of knowing where Covid-19 is. We have been fighting Covid-19 ten months already and as you can see here, that everyone is having mask on her/his face […] this is not a disease particularly happened in Cambodia, but the world over.

Every time hit by hardship, heroic efforts of our people, the civil servants, and armed forces to overcome appear. Everyone work hard together to save people and to help provide relief assistances to affected people. Banteay Meanjei is the hardest hit province that required intervention from national level. The Prime Minister has had to come see and meet with people […] and my colleagues, when I returned (to Phnom Penh), will continue to take on this assistance effort. We are sorry for what has had happened but I am sure our people settled down to have seen joint efforts we put together to deal with the consequences […]

RGC Emergency Stocks Useful; Cash for Labor from 100 to 160 million USD

What we have tried to do to deal with the flood situation in the whole country not only in Banteay Meanjei, where over 40,000 households suffered, has been remarkable. Financial contribution from generous people have now reached over eight million USD and we have released relief assistances from the RGC emergency stocks of rice, instant noodle, drinking water, fish and soy sources, salt, etc. We are refilling them too. Our efforts in making sure we have these foodstuffs when needed have paid. Capable leadership is to make sure that we do not fail to do what we can. That is how we have been living together and sharing for over 41 years with our people […]

Let me take this moment to inform you that yesterday the Cabinet convened a meeting to approve the financial law for the management in 2021. The law has detailed our efforts to fight with Covid-19 challenges and to restore livelihoods after the flood receded. We titled the financial law for the management in 2021 “a budget combative to protect people, to keep socio-economic balance and livelihood, to orient efforts to rise up in the post Covid-19 […].”

In this context, in order to address jobs and income for our people in rural areas, the 2021 national budget has earmarked an increase of cash for labor from 100 million USD to 160 million USD. People can dig small canals, rebuild their village roads, and paid at a market labor prices […] I directed clearly yesterday to channel the reserved amount to provinces affected by flood. Our estimation has been that the amount would create about one million jobs […]

Famers to Receive 100 Kg of Rice Seed or Six Varieties of Vegetables/Crops

In time of Covid-19, there have been people losing their jobs and their incomes hit hard. The state has laid down budget to help more than 60,000 households or roughly three million people. We will continue the cash provision program for another three months – in October, November and December, at a rate of about 30 million USD per month. People receiving help from the program could join the cash for labor program to earn more […]

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance sent me a message informing that the amount of rice seed we have in hand is not sufficient to respond to the scale we are meeting. We will need to purchase 2,000 metric tons more […] I approved that farmers whose rice destroyed will receive 100 Kg of rice seeds and those who grow crops other than rice would receive six different seed varieties – crops or vegetables. The Ministry of Agriculture and related institutions will figure out who will need what […]

Those Acting Against Nation/Laws in Different Tunes with Prime Minister

The day that I visited people at their homes in Mongkul Borei of Banteay Meanjei province, my bodyguards helped me to go up and down a house. Some quickly picked me of ageing […] they should not insult elderly people. If their life stars are not bright enough, they may suffer the bad luck themselves. In 1998, the later King Father said to a meeting that everyone should accept fate. He said he never thought of becoming King but was taken out of school in Prey Nokor – now Ho Chi Minh City, to be one […] he added later what could you do fate has it that Hun Sen becomes the Prime Minster. Some have dreamed of this position […] but fate does not choose or let him be. The King of the deaths has not got on to me yet. He satisfied that I stay on to keep them away. Those acted against the nation and laws would never be in tune with the Prime Minister […]

People and RGC to Restore Livelihood and Economy Together

As you can understand that households may have different ways of earning and supporting their lives. They may have grown different crops, for instance. However, we must work efforts together. From the part of the state, four ministries will play major roles. Firstly, the Ministry of Transports and Public Works will take inspection on nation and provincial roads damaged by flooding in the whole country and reparation will be to restore connectivity and transportation. The Ministry of Rural Development also will look into smaller roads […]

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology will […] take actions regarding water uses so that everyone will benefit from the water system without conflict. Fourthly, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries must take urgent measures to inspect and assess impacts on every households and provide rice seeds and other crops/vegetables. National Assembly members are also coming to you with more. It is not over only with this relief assistance packages […]

I am calling on the authority to pay attention to education sector. Some schools have reopened but closed back down because of flooding. We must make sure that those flooded schools will be safe for kids to go back in. I allow concerned authorities use of budget reserving for schools to repair if there needed be. We will launch a new school year 2020-2021 on 11 November, after we prolonged for sometimes. We must make sure that flooded school buildings will now be safe for kids to go back in […]

Relief Assistances from Thailand and Japan Thanked

We have some Thai friends coming today. I received a message they have provided us with milk and blankets […] I thank them for their generosity at the time that we really are in hardship. This is a kindhearted help from our neighbor. It is very precious at the time that we needed the most […] let us send milk for people in hospitals and blankets to people needing ones at the safe grounds. […] I learnt that Japanese reliefs has also arrived last night. We have assistance from outside. However, we must make own efforts. More helps are on the way […] we thank every country for declaring that they will offer helps […]/.