Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at Ministry of Interior’s 2019 Reviews and 2020-Directives Setting Conference [Unofficial Translation]


Village/Commune Safety – a National Movement

This morning I followed Samdech Krola Haom Sar Kheng’s instruction (to the 2019 review and 2020 directives setting conference) on Facebook pages of the Ministry of Interior and related institutions. Samdech Krola Haom stressed on need to implement the village/commune safety policy. I wanted it to become a national movement, a central work that we needed to make step forwards, to get to the best of its implementation […]

Samdech Krola Haom Sar Kheng had had attentions of national and subnational public forum to focus on the issue of village/commune safety. This did not go beyond what you all could do. You should take it as agenda of the public forum and continue to implement it. Crimes would not happen anywhere else but in the village, where even we at the central level, provinces or communes started from […]

It would be a central point to resolve everything that is happening – drugs, gambling, human trafficking, violence, etc. Once we take it as our central attention, we would not be losing our concentration in getting our job done. It is the big theme for future efforts to resolve future problems. In public forum, officials concerned may discuss with people to find way to resolve problems, people may tell you what they think how to deal with the matter. They will take part with you. They know that if they do not cooperate, their safety is at stake and we would have difficulty to fulfil our tasks […]

People Trust Ruling Party Keep Them Safe and in Peace

Trust is important. I agreed with the poll we did in that past. Roughly over 86% of the people responded that they trusted in our capacity to manage the state, or to trust in the Cambodian People’s Party in keeping peace and safety for them, so to speak. People see clearly that as long as the Cambodian People’s Party is in power, peace has been with them […] we must continue to work harder to suppress crimes and to alleviate fear from thefts, robberies, drugs and violence of all sorts, as these incidents would reduce people’s confidence. People no longer would want to have donations such as sarong, rice, etc.

The majority of people are not interested in food for work program as in the millennium and before millennium period […]. What they needed the most now is safety. It is the primary job. We have already had forces in place for the job. We must work on soliciting cooperation with them to fight against crimes […] I think we have capability to carry out this work and people have trust in us. We must continue to do everything we could to keep their trust […] even people who might not have voted for CPP but because of safety they enjoyed, they would say it out loud that they live safely […]

Enforcing Traffic Rule Respects

Samdech Krola Haom just brought up issue of traffic accidents in January and fall of traffic accident in February. What would be the root cause of traffic accident in January? The first factor would be the Chinese New Year, in which, normally, the Khmer would go drunk heavily. The second factor, anyway, would be our effort to enforce respect of traffic law. I am seeking your attentions to adhere strict measures to enforce laws and measures set out for the coming period.

Strict Measures Protect Drivers’ and Other Commuters’ Lives

I mentioned the other day in the Cambodian People’s Party plenum […] that drivers would have their driving licenses punched every time they are caught abusing traffic rules. For every punch on license, the fine would double. As they reached their third punch, we could suspend their driving right for one or two years, for instance […]. I support the move and let you concerned official discuss as to how to go about implementing this.

For a brief moment, listening to this measure, some would think that Prime Minister is thinking of punishing people […] while in fact, we are working strict measure to protect his life, and life of other people traveling in the street […] it is safety for all […] we also needed to ensure that commuters wear helmets. It is the best time now to enact the law […] we must ensure that rules are implemented similarly everywhere. It should not be loose in once place and hard in another […] whatever we are doing is for helping people protect their lives […] many already respect the laws. We must work hard to get the remaining number to do so too […]

We are seeking means and ways to defend our people’s lives. We have made efforts to liberate them from deaths under the regime of Pol Pot. We sought for peace for them to bring them out of deaths from war. Why do we leave them to death now? According to calculation, deaths from traffic accident in 2019 was in average 5.5 per day […] I think with efforts we make, though we may not guarantee no death at all from traffic accident, but we could improve the statistics […]

No More Electricity Shortage as in 2019

We are happy to see that our people are so industrious to grow crop. Their cropping seasons have now exceeded our water for irrigation capacity. I think we are working on numerous solutions, and one of them was to appeal to people to grow other crops, other than rice, that would consume less water. For hydropower this year, while in November last year we depleted 70% of water in the reservoir, this year, as of the moment, there are 80% water kept in the reservoir. I think our ability to provide electricity would not be as difficult as in 2019. In addition to this, we have electricity production coming from other sources – coal, solar and the 200 megawatts purchased from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. We also have two engines of 400 megawatts power – purchased from Finland and Germany – putting together. They may be able to produce some power before the coming Khmer New Year and more after that. I hope there would be no shortage of electricity leading to cutting off supply of electricity, except there would need to have a technical cutoff […] we are working hard to set the transmission lines to every villages as there are now only 8% of them to do so. We also are bringing the price of electricity down in February […] for competition in industry […]

No Diplomatic Dispute with Malaysia, Just Asked for Explanation

Our efforts to help with Covid-19 is not over yet. According to the Secretary of State for Civil Aviation, Mao Havanal, another 200 passengers (from Westerdam cruise ship) are in departure today. More will follow. As of this moment, Minister of Health, HE Mam Bun Heng, confirmed that none on Westerdam infected by novel coronavirus 2019. We thank Thailand for reconfirming that none infected while they arrived Bangkok from Phnom Penh to connect flights. We also thank the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia for confirming that Indonesian crews working in the ship are virus free. We thanked Japan for sharing news that every Japanese aboard the ship arrived to Japan without the virus infection. We thank our friends for their cooperation, and the World Health Organization too.

As for this case of the 83 years old American woman in Malaysia, […] I am sure, she will talk the truth after she recovered and returned to her country. The truth will be according to her. As for our part, we did not find the virus on her. Where does she get it? Was it from Cambodia, or was it when she arrived in Malaysia? There have been comments […] that the matter created a diplomatic row between Cambodia and Malaysia […] let me assure you it was not a row. Cambodia just seeks for explanation […] as far as the Westerdam cruise ship case is concerned, the fact that everywhere denied port of call, and that Cambodia (offered to let it docking) was a truly humanitarian action. Should Cambodia did not act this way, there would be a humanitarian crisis […] where would the ship be at this time and it would have faced these problems of no fuel and food […]

No Such Thing as Covid-19 Used for Political Gains

Some have commented that Hun Sen used Covid-19 as local and external political games. I think they are fools and they should be fool alone. As of this moment, there has no Cambodian falling sick of Covid-19. Some went around scaring people about it. I warn their actions with legal measures. A voice file sent to me on telegram said – “many died, but we hid.” How could we hide this from their families, if what they said was true? The Royal Government has nothing to hide.

The Royal Government have had hospitals ready – the Cambodian-Soviet Hospital in Phnom Penh, and others in provinces. We have made this no political gains of any sorts at all. There is no need to do so […] everything we did was out of purely humanitarian purpose. If political gains come from it, it was just an objective outcome but not our political goal. Let me state it again, our goal was purely humanitarian. I also needed to break the spell of fear among my people. They are scared. I must appear on TV to show them. Masks price that went high has not exceeded demand […]

This morning, a bad man posted that Vietnamese doctor confirmed that Hun Sen is infected with Covid-19 […] I talked a lot the day before yesterday and I do it again today, how could I be sick? […] they even try to split us – Sar Kheng and me on this saying that while Hun Sen telling people not to fear (the infection), Sar Kheng said to fear it. Let me tell you all if you do not know the Cambodian People’s Party and its internal solidarity, you may never win over it. You may not in your whole life […]

We must continue with measures we have taken inside the country and cooperation with partners. The ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers Meeting is convening today and tomorrow to prepare response to Covid-19. If there would be unanimous view to have an ASEAN-China summit, I am giving it my support as the matter is no longer an issue for China alone, but regional and world. It has spread. Two died in Iran – the Middle East, though we have news that many have recovered and in some places infection rate seemed to have stabilized for the past 15 days. In Wuhan, China declared to have used drug for malaria successfully to treat patient of covid-19 […]

Mayors/Governors to Be Present in Municipal/Provincial Councils Meetings

As of now, the tasks transferred from national to sub-national level authorities are more in numbers. This suggested that there are more responsibilities for those at the local level […] our problem here is to ensure communication and consideration between mayors/governors and the municipal/provincial councils. I recommended that mayors/governors must be present at the meetings of municipal/provincial councils. I would consider removing them from offices if they are absent up to three times and without proven causes. I would ask Samdech Krola Haom to follow this up for me […] you may decide together to fix a date for the councils’ meetings like that of the Cabinet […] I would urge the same with the district councils […]

Central Level Officials Should Not Take Posts at Sub-national/Local Levels

I would remind of servile persons. To keep them out, the best way to do so is for the mayor/governors and the president of the municipal/provincial councils are in tune with each other […] I am taking a firm stand on this suggestion that no officials from central level should be allowed to take posts at the sub-national or local levels. Let people there work on preparing and arranging their teams […] let them choose people from their lower ranks. Example, they needed to promote a district governor as deputy governor of the province. It will be a promotion for their people […]

I came across a promotion request paper. Someone prepared it for Samdech Krola Haom. Before I signed it, I asked where the person comes from. I could not have way to know her/him when written vaguely “a senior official of the Ministry of Interior.” Please write it promptly “promoting deputy governor of … to the post of governor” for instance […] let us find human resource at the local level […] I am speaking this issue openly today […] (for appointments) there must be agreement between at least mayors/governors and councilors, that is the first requirement. Secondly, there must be unanimous approval between provincial authorities and line institutions. With these two principles, I am sure the procedure would be functional […]./.