Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Inauguration of the Thai Boonroong Cement Factory in the District of Dongtong, Kompot Province [Unofficial Translation]


Cambodia’s Cement Production Reaches Eight Million Tons

[…] Minister of Energy and Mines, HE Suy Sem, has just reported that our cement production capacity has reached eight million tons. With that amount recorded, we will be able to save about 500 million USD from purchasing cement from other countries […] Cambodia has quite a number of mountains but we are able to make cement only in three provinces – Battambang, Banteay Meanjei and Kompot. We have now five cement factories in the country, four of which are in Kompot […] in addition to one hydropower plant (in Komjai), Kompot has in all five heavy industry factories. Should the project of oil refinement come to reality, Kompot will add one more heavy industry to its list […]

Building Roads to Last Longer

We have need for more cement to build roads and streets […] earth, gravel and asphalted roads would not last heavy loaded trucks or natural calamity. The tendency now is to build road by cement concrete road in urban as well as in rural. It may cost us more but it would last longer […] on this coming Saturday, I will be presiding over the ceremony to launch the construction of (cement concrete) roads/streets in the province of Preah Sihanouk […] to support traffic and withstand heavy duty trucks and transportations as more will travel to and from the deep seaport […]

(The plan for) public investment passed by the Cabinet’s meeting a few weeks now has included a vision on developing quality infrastructure […] to last longer. Previously, economic specialists instructed us to build longer asphalted roads with limited amount of money we had. We have upgraded later. We introduced loaded truck weighting mechanism […] it is time for us to build roads that withstand heavy duty vehicles designed for transportations by standard of manufacturing countries. We will need more than eight million tons of cement we are talking about now […]

Heritages of Historic Values Untouched, Water for Irrigation Reserved

As for this area, parts of it are under the protection of/by the Ministry of Environment. In Cambodia, some places there are rocks that is mature enough to make cement or construction materials but they may be relating to heritages of historical values such as hiding places of former/ancient Kings. We must put those places under historic protection. For instance, we must keep this bats mountain too […]

From the bird’s eyes view, I have seen well-grown rice all the way from Kandal through Takeo to Kompot. Those farmers who cultivated short-term and medium-term rice species are starting their harvesting phase. According to the Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology, the rainy season has approached its final phase. I am calling on our people in the whole country to keep water in their rice fields, canals, and reservoirs […] to avoid shortage of water for irrigation at the end of the rainy season […]

Saving Water for Hydropower Plant of Komjai

As far as hydropower plant is concerned, we allowed only an output of 730 megawatts out of 1,328 megawatts capacity (from the plant in Komjai) […] addressing this low output remark, the Minister of Energy and Mines was having our attention about saving amount of water in the reservoir. In November last year, we had only 30% of water left. In November this year, the water level in (the Komjai reservoir is) 100% full […]. That we have high level of water in the reservoir this year and more sources of energy production – coal, solar and imports from Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, in addition to our reserved generators of 400 megawatts, I believed that Phnom Penh would not meet shortage of electricity […]

We have so many construction projects and they have not yet discussed about how much electricity they are going to need. I urge property developers to discuss it with the Electricite du Cambodge about their demands […] as the constructions have yet to finish, our projected demand figure went up to 2,200 megawatts. About 93% of villages have access to national transmission lines. I allowed the Electricite du Cambodge to use its profit for five more years to extend transmission lines to reach every village in the whole country […]

Seating Arrangements for Buddhist Monks of Both Sects

I am having the (protocol people’s attention to) adjust one thing about seating arrangement for the Buddhist monks in official ceremonies […] last time we fixed one thing about placing the Buddhist monks’ seating higher than ours. Today, the provincial Buddhist head monks of both nikayas/sects are present – despite of their equal ranks, the seating arrangement put one behind the other. It is not correct. They are to be seating in the front row together […] I have a few messages to our people as followed:

  • People and Authorities Thwarted the 9-November Attempted Coup

Firstly, let me thank our Buddhist monks, people and authorities of all levels, who, through their participations in Ambok (newly harvested and flattened rice) eating to protect religion and King, thwarted the attempted coup on 9 November. It was a bizarre political message they made to arrest and exile Hun Sen on 9 November to make way for them to come to power. (Faced with such threat) the Royal Government had no other choice but do everything it can to guarantee peace and security for people […] I have a strong belief in the Cambodian people that they wanted peace and would try to keep it.

“Talked Democratic, Acted Violent”

They talk about democratic process but they acted through violence. What could that be? Their ambitious plan failed because people value peace and they still need the role and leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party. The armed forces and administration support the legitimate Royal Government. They do not go with the outlaws, who appealed for fund to raise an army and/or to seek separation in the army to turn their guns at the Royal Government […] It was a sinister plan […] they are not forgivable. They must go through a legal channel and the one who has the right to propose a pardon to HM the King is Hun Sen. I am sure Hun Sen will not sign a pardon plea for the same person. That is a clear political message […]

Nearly Six Millions Out on Water Festival

This year, according to the figure provided by HE Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, nearly six million Cambodians were out enjoying the water festival events […] people have been going out to other sites in the whole country on the first and second days of festivities. Most of them return on the second day or the third day of the holidays to enjoy the festivities in Phnom Penh […] the three-day water festival that includes boat racing, Ambok eating, moon praying and lights floating proceeded in a joyful atmosphere […]

  • Those Cheated by Outlaws to Return Home

Secondly, the Royal Government appeals to people cheated by the outlaws to take power in Phnom Penh and ran off to Thailand for fear of arrests to return home. There will be no accusations of any wrongdoings against and/or arrests on you […]. The Minister of Justice has every right to work with the prosecutors to withdraw/remove arrest warrants to allow them to return home […]. As head of the executives, I am calling those of you who run and hide in various places in the country to return to their home villages. Competent authorities and law enforcing forces – police, military police, and local authority people allow them to return home and work together […]

  • Those Arrested to Release on Bail

Thirdly, for those arrested, I am asking the Minister of Justice to work with prosecutors and courts to release them on bail at requests made by someone – either their families or lawyers […] this is a task to fulfil for the sake of national unity, keeping peace and security for people […] they are still under court parole. Their cases are not over. We release them on bail. They live out of custody. If they wanted to go to foreign country, they must ask permission. In the country, they can go wherever they wish or do whatever business they needed to but not to go abroad […]

CPP and Hun Sen Still Indispensable

People, especially those concerned, are listening to the three messages. It is a clemency from the Royal Government. It is my policy led to the cessation of war and prevalence of peace in the 1990s. Leaders must not lead their supporters to dangers, while supporters should not believe without asking questions too […] they appeal to the people and army to arrest Hun Sen. The people “do” arrest me to take pictures with them […]. That 83% of registered voters, or 77% of the Cambodian population, cast their votes for the Cambodian People’s Party clearly show that Cambodia still needs indispensable roles of CPP and Hun Sen […]./.