Remark at the “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation” under theme: “Synergy of Policies for Close Partnership”

  • Exellency, Xi Jinping, President of People’s Republic of China and the Chairman of the Meeting,
  • Excellencies, Leaders of the Participating Countries,
  • Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am greatly honored and pleased to attend this important “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”. I would like to extend my warmest congratulation and high appreciation to Excellency President Xi Jinping, the Chair of this meeting, as well as to the government and people of China for achieving remarkable progress in implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and for organizing this global leaders’ roundtable meeting to exchange views on major global and regional issues, especially to define directions for this initiative to make further success.

I congratulate President Xi Jinping for his deeply meaningful remarks delivered during the opening ceremony yesterday, and I fully support the initiatives and projects he had raised. China has been playing an important role in the functioning of global economy, trade, and politics, especially in promoting international trade liberalization, economic integration and inclusive development which have contributed to the promotion of globalization and building of a new global economic architecture.

In this context, the “Belt and Road Initiative” is a well-thought out and long-term strategy aiming to promote connectivity and cooperation in all sectors including physical infrastructure, economy, investment, and financial sector, as well as people-to-people relation that will become a new locomotive of global growth. I firmly believe in the future of this initiative, which has clearly spelled out strategies and mechanisms for cooperation, planning and financing particularly through BRICS, Silk Road Fund, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Concerning the strengthening of partnership for this cooperation, I am of the view that we shall have a joint framework focusing on linkages between key sectors especially an interlocking network of transport infrastructure, logistic system and digital connectivity, as well as finance, industry, and human resource. In addition, we must ensure the consistency of national action-plans and projects with the action-plans of all bilateral and multilateral cooperation, specifically under the framework of “Belt and Road Initiative”, and also ensure the practicality and effectiveness in the implementation. Moreover, we should have strong domestic mechanism to ensure our ownership so that we could effectively contribute to this cooperation and other regional cooperations based on the principles of strategic coordination and sharing mutual-benefit with harmonization and inclusiveness. Finally, given the significance of this cooperation, I would like to propose to our meeting to consider organizing this forum regularly in the future at an interval time, so that we can monitor, evaluate and take-stock of the implementation progress.

  • Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Cambodia and China’s governments have been working very hard to promote our bilateral cooperation to a highest-level, a “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership”, since the end of 2010. Under the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the cooperation of the two countries has been rapidly expanded in a number of important sectors, benefiting the two countries in their economic development, including strengthening economic productivity, increasing trade and enhancing industry, tourism, investment and agriculture. Against this backdrop, the RGC stands ready to actively participate in all cooperation areas of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, for shared progress and advancements of the region and the world.

Finally, I would like to wish the Belt and Road Forum fruitful discussion and good results as expected.

Thank You!