Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, a Visit to the Construction Site of the Morodok Techo Stadium Complex [Unofficial Translation]


The Morodok Techo Stadium Complex – A Result of Belt and Road Project

We are pleased to connect the last seats in this enormous stadium complex of ours. Before us is the achievement of the cooperation between Cambodia and China or a part of the Belt and Road project […] I have chosen this ship-like architectural design of the stadium complex to symbolise connectivity in the framework of the Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiated by the President of the People’s Republic of China, HE Xi Jinping […] we may call it a stadium complex. It costs us 1,050 million Yuan or between 160 and 170 million USD. According to our Chinese friend, the construction is the best architecture of its kind among the Chinese assistances provided to foreign countries […]

Open to Assistances/Cooperation from Every Countries

I wish to pose a question to some people who have reiterated their dissatisfactions (on this development) and (made comments to) destroy the Cambodia-China relations. My question was if it were not for the Chinese assistance, would we be able to achieve this stadium complex as we do now? This stadium complex is to host the 2023 SEA Games event. We are not making Cambodia-China relations exclusive, though. We are open to assistances and cooperation from every countries. The matter here is which countries are willing to help? […] in light of this I also like to ask if it was wrong to receive assistance from China to serve the Cambodian people? […]

All Five Permanent Members of the Security Councils Are in Cambodia

Some, while using the roads (/bridges built with the Chinese assistance) insulted that Cambodia’s relation to China disturbs its permanent neutrality. What is the meaning of permanent neutrality? Cambodia is open to relations with every countries. Those who talked about Cambodia’s permanent neutrality in its definition of conducting business with, borrowing from, and falling in debt trap to China may want to clarify this term. All five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations have their embassies in Phnom Penh. They may give me their impartial arguments on this fact to be independent analysts. Have I closed down any foreign embassies? We are doing business with everyone here. If anyone wishes not to see Cambodia doing too much business with China, they may assist us more. That would be a wrong thing to do […] in fact some countries have much more business relations with China than Cambodia, attracting more Chinese investors to their countries, but they do not have any issues on that […]

Getting Ready for Smooth Hosting of SEA Games

Let me give you some of my recommendations on what needs to be done […] firstly, as far as infrastructure is concerned, I think we need a wider road […] but also I wanted to have your attentions on the media preparations. In Laos, when they hosted SEA Games, they have only a few TV Channels […] we should start thinking of distributing tasks for the TV channels we have […] I have started to allot fund for (hosting SEA Games) 2023. It will go into a saving account and we will continue to do that next year too. By the time we are hosting the games, we have needed fund in hand […]

Secondly, to wish for more medals in which sports is one thing but let us remember that we are the host. In such case we have to take full responsibility to ensure smooth hosting operation from beginning to end […] to raise our country’s image […] we are picking 5 May for hosting SEA Games because in July, we will have elections […] we also will have the 60th jubilee anniversary celebration of Cambodia’s Independence. In addition to those, we also have more works to do after the elections […] in this thought, besides working hard for medals, we also have to ensure the hosting will be going smoothly as planned […] we are poor but let us not be poor in manner […]

Hosting ASEM in 2020 and ASEAN in 2022

We must stratify clearly our responsibilities. We should also remember that in 2020, we will host the Asia-Europe Summit to which leaders from over forty countries will attend – 28 from Europe and 39 from Asia, plus head of European Commission, European Council, who will co-chair the meeting […] in 2022, when Cambodia will be taking rotating chairmanship of ASEAN, I thought of hosting the first summits in Siem Reap province and the second one in Sihanoukville province. I have now revised the plan to host them all in Phnom Penh. It would not be a simple work to bring around the working mechanism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related institutions to places […]

Real Intention behind Proposition of Chinese Military Presence in Cambodia?

Let me take this opportune moment to reiterate (Cambodia’s position) to those who have raised this issue about Chinese military presence in Cambodia. What exactly is the real intention when you are making this up? Before 1970, you also talked about the presence of Vietnamese troops in Cambodia. It was not long after that you plotted the coup to bring down Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk. I think we all remember that. The same is worth our thought is they accused Iraq to have possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD). They made war on it. Tens of thousands lost their lives. Finally, there were no WMD […] would the real intention be no different to that of 1970? Cambodia and China have no necessity to go into “secret agreement” […]

More Weapons/Ammunitions from China

Let me tell you the truth, the goods is on shipment now, I have approved spending nearly forty million USD to purchase weapons from China in addition to the previously purchases of 200 million USD and later 90 million USD. I have the need to strengthen capacity of the Cambodian army. I have no fear about doing that. Would there be any country in this world without weapons? Our weapons and ammunitions are rather old […] I am frank on this […] I called Defence Minister, Samdech Pichey Sena Tia Banh, to allow troops exercising with real bullets […] countries have allowed their troops to practice firing real bullets and North Korea has even fired the missiles. Why can we not do it?

I have no plan to change our weapons system. Some suggested that we should swap to such and such system. I denied. It will be a waste of money. Besides, we may come to many hiccups causing by providers. The system we are using these days we can go buy from numerous countries. That would include countries in Europe, in the former Soviet Union block. As a leader of the country, a Prime Minister and Vice President of the National Defence Council, I must have a clear thought on that […]

RGC Has Financial Ability to Over One Year Salary

This year, the economic growth could well be within 7.1%. That is the economic growth in general […] some have misinterpreted that the Royal Government is short of money for administrative expenses because of the US law (proposed in Cambodia). Let me tell you even if there will be no further income/revenue, Cambodia is financially able to cover salary for over one year […] Cambodia has roughly 15 billion USD in foreign reserve in treasury and 250 million USD (14 million millions Riel) in the National Bank […] we spend roughly 300 million USD per month and our revenue is over 400 million USD, would that be suffice? We have a surplus of 100 million USD here […]

Unsubstantiated News on African Swine Flu and Personal Health

I think I have to bring a few things for your thought. I am talking about distorted news regarding our country and also me personally. Firstly, the African swine flu. I am calling on our people to consume pork […] this is the time when our country forbid fishing. If people do not consume pork, they would opt for beef or fish and the items would jack up prices […] our health service has already informed you that such flu is not transmittable to human. Besides, sick or dead pigs are not allowed to bring out of raising areas and for butchering […] secondly, it is concerning my health. Based on what some talked in the social media, I am now in Singapore for various unfounded remarks such as my lung no longer worked because of too much smoking or I have bled my stomach because of overdose of medicine […]

Let me warn this person – his Facebook name and pen name in the Phnom Penh Post in 2013 was So Samyuth. His real name is Khorn. He called Samdech Krola Haom “the Brown” – (literally in Khmer it may refer to animal of such colour). You are one of the 118 in the list forbidden of political rights. In your article elaborating about “the fifth passed pawn,” (it was clear that) you incited what could have been a colour revolution. I have information about you in my hand now […] I think some who may have believed in those fabricated news should think again […] I invite all of you to think what sort of politicians are they to wait or to pray for their opponents’ deaths? Are they brave? […]

Kao Kimhuorn – Candidate for ASEAN Secretary General

I have in kind to propose HE Kao Kimhuorn, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister, as the candidate (picked from the three potential ones) for the post of Secretary General of ASEAN […] I will propose him. Please inform (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs) HE Prak Sokhon about this decision […]

The US Proposed Law Affects No Cambodians

Now about the US proposed law. HE Kao Kimhuorn did some research and shared with me that there are many laws regarding Vietnam and Myanmar, etc. but have not been passed. Let us now suppose that the law has passed in the House of Representatives, then the Senate, and in a week or so President Donald Trump will have to sign it into force. If that happened, what would be the problem to the Cambodian people? The law is in fact aimed at (1) issue no visas for certain officials and (2) freeze property (found in the US). Nothing would happen to the Cambodian people […] the law would affect some ten people […] it was like the US sever diplomatic relations with Cambodia […] in the black list was Tia Banh – it is equivalent to cutting military relation; Sar Kheng – it is like they cut off relations with police; Aun Pornmoniroth – like they cut off economic relation.

As you can see what they try to do will affect no Cambodians. Should they place me in the list, I am telling to do it and confiscate the said over 200 million USD property of the Hun family. They may do that even before the law passed […] they said Hun Sen was sick because he was concerned about the law […] I will continue to go the US’s New York because it is where the UN headquarters is. However, I believe, the Donald Trump’s administration is not that thoughtless to push Cambodia that has diplomatic relation with the US away […]

Only Convicted To Be Arrested

Regarding so and so is going to return I think I do not have to talk about it. I have seen the statement of the National Police General Commission […] they have not requested help from any foreign countries. They will take responsibility in their operation and will deal with the convicted only. No matter how many could come, they will only take actions to get the few convicted […] let me warn those who have not been reinstated political rights to refrain themselves from being involved […] as for those in Bangkok, they may know that the two Prime Ministers have determined that Cambodia and Thailand will not allowed their territories be used by either against another. We have ensured that with neighbouring countries. We welcome those convicted on land, water and by air […]./.