Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​ to Workers at YI DA factory at the Celebration of 133rd International Labor Day [Unofficial Translation]


Second 1-May Event with Factories Workers

Are you guys happy? I think I am going to correct our commentator. “No, we are not taking a break from our lunch.” You just go on with your eating. You can continue to eat and listen to my short address. We will keep more time for you guys to go on dancing. Let us make a deal here that after my speech, I will hand out envelopes to female workers with pregnancy. And you all must get up and dance again. Let us exhaust our music band. I have watched your dance live on Fresh News since 7 am. You all are so fantastic […]

I am so happy today for such a wonderful event. I thank the president of YI DA company – together with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, as well as the governing board of Kandal province – for organizing such wonderful time, solidarity lunch, and music and dance. We have in all here 3,700 workers. This is my second year to share the joy with workers on 1 May – and this year is the 133rd International Labor Day.

Hugged, Kissed by and Selfied with Workers

I did not have chance to dance in the Khmer New Year days. I just had it a moment ago. It is my lucky day. Weeks ago, some politicians had (from far away) tried to incite workers to arrest me. I am hugged and kissed by and selfied with workers today. This has clearly shown the close relation between workers and the country’s leader/s. It is a great solidarity among us.

1,287 Factories and 790,000 Workers Enjoyed ILD

I wish to take this moment to express my sincere thanks to the 1,287 factories others for organizing the same events for our workers to gather and dance, and have meal together. Compared to last year, this figure has shown that there are 394 factories more throwing the event than last year. As for workers, this year there are 790,000 workers attending or 260,000 workers more than last year. From this factory, I wish to send my greeting to workers in other factories for attending this joyful event of International Labor Day. Indeed our workers have rights and they can choose either to come join everyone here for fun and meals or to stay home. Some may also choose to take their demands to the streets. These are rights and we have them in our country […]

Men and Women in Garments Beauty Contests for 2019

As far as I know there are three candidates from this factory taking beauty contest. I wish them luck in this evening. Starting from 4pm, there will be live program on Bayon TV […] we will find out who – among our workers – will win the contests for 2019. I hope they will continue to organize such contest in the following years […] I do not want to take much of your time. I just wanted to inform you that for every 3,700 workers, I have here with me a gift of 50,000 Riel […] also 50,000 Riel each for medical staff on duty here and 10 million Riel for the music band. Before I take my leave, I will join you for one or two dances […]

20,000 USD for Kuntha Bopha Fund

I thank the President of YI DA who has contributed today a sum of 20,000 USD to the Kuntha Bopha Fund. The contribution he makes will indeed benefit our workers and their families too because they also have their children (who may at some point need the Kuntha Bopha hospital service). Well, let me thank the factory owner for sharing each and every workers here a gift of one sarong […] finally, I wish our workers who are here present the Khmer New Year wishes and the five Buddhist blessings […]./.