Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Asia-Europe University [Unofficial Translation]


Internal Factors Determined Successes

As in 1970, even though there were foreign influences, should Lon Nol, Sarik Matak, Cheng Heng, and In Tam not collude, there could not have been a coup. Take the present situation into consideration, for instance, foreigners could give us ideas and assistance but would anyone think that we would be able to step up if with those ideas and assistance, we did not make our efforts? We have to see this fact in order to figure out and have confidence in the future. No countries in this world would provide us assistance to live freely and to do no works. There are external and internal factors to every issues and internal factors always determined successes […]

With National Reconciliation and Unification, 7% Economic Growth Achieved

Over the past time, we have had pride in our race. We stood up and liberated ourselves from war and the genocide. We prevented it from coming back and finally put into effective use the win-win policy to bring about national reconciliation and unification for the first time in its long history. That Cambodia has achieved 7.7% economic growth over the past two decades was not a simple matter. The growth has gradually brought poverty down from 100% in the beginning to about 53% in 2000, and now to over 10% at present. We are in the census process. We will be able to have a better sense of how much poverty rate are we having at present. We have achieved a steadfast growth around 7% per annum and a reduction of 1% poverty rate per annum. Judging from available facts, we have roughly estimated that at present, Cambodia’s poverty rate stays at around 13% […]

A United Cambodia Attracts Investments and Tourists

Experiences in Cambodia has indicated whether to realize or not happiness, things depend on ourselves and not external forces. As you can see the Cambodians have succeeded in realizing the win-win policy. They have decided to make that happen. It is their determinations without any foreign influences. Thanks to this, the Cambodians united and there are no more armed fighting and/or dividing control areas anymore […] provinces are competing among themselves in clean cities contest to promote tourism. Each province and district works to attract investments and tourists […]

Reforms to Ensure Real Political and Economic Independence

We see the need for more training and creating jobs for graduates […] to ensure that everyone has a job and income […] we must work together to ensure real national independence – politically and economically. We must not accept pressure through which we depend on oxygen provided. We must carry through reforms, those in tertiary education also included […] every year, I meet with the association of private tertiary education to exchange opinions and to seek ways to address challenging issues in area of human resources training […]

Politicians Should Not Color One Another

I may have to pick on what I said yesterday in Pursat. I proposed to politicians not to color or whitewash each other. Seeing the fact that a group of (banned) politicians stepping out to request for political rights, others should not accuse the Cambodian People’s Party about purchasing their wills. I wish to reiterate that in doing so you have underestimated your former colleagues and valued them to just pieces of goods in market. That was a defeat you got. When they stayed by your side, you said they were good people. When they disagreed with you, you accused the Royal Government under Hun Sen for purchasing them […] you declare publicly that you respect democracy. You should respect self-determination right of a person […] you may ask yourself if the Cambodian People Party has a need to have of those people from other parties? […]

The Divider Got Divided

They have said recently that while it was impossible to do harm on them, Hun Sen tries to inflict division among them. Let me tell you if you cannot hold your group together and it gets divided, it is time for you to see if you are fit to be a leader […] with division that happened, you have proven to yourself to be the worst leader. You cannot keep your clan from division […] I do not mean to overreact but to advise them. Should husband and wife be in harmonious love, no in laws could have broken their relationships. However, when that happened, one may not be angry with his/her spouse […] you have said it all along that the Cambodian People’s Party tries to divide you. You just do not have to break. That is it. However, I warn you everything has stemmed from the fact that being a leader you colored your colleagues. You tormented them morally […]

Wrong Evaluations Brings about Defeat

As for the Cambodian People’s Party, for the past 40 years, there have always been words of divisions among various factions […] if you keep making wrong evaluations, you would not be able to defeat the Cambodian People’s Party. Thanks to your miscalculations on the Cambodian People’s Party, you are always scoring defeats. Even Samdech Krom Preah Norodom Ranaridh (President of FUNCINPEC), while attending the funeral of Preah Borom Ratanak Kaod in 2012, admitted this fact. He said to me he had a true information that the Cambodian People’s Party was in deep divisions. I told him it was because of that information that he lost and had finally had no seats (in the National Assembly) […]

Accused Others of Dividing Belittling Oneself

They keep talking everyday about Hun Sen’s work to divide so and so. I just remind the ones who repeat this myth that by saying that s/he have belittled her/himself about your inability to manage and to have trust in people. Without trust, you virally colored so and so and in the end that has led to expulsion. You used to mock the Cambodian People’s Party with your evaluation of its divisions or being a dividing clan. You tried to take advantage of everything to illustrate that. For instance, you make it a fuss about the European guests going to meet Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng and Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon, and not requesting a meeting with me. Guests at department-head level received by deputy Prime Ministers was already a high protocol […]

A Party Should Unite

As a political party, no matter what others outside say, you just keep your solidarity intact. That is it. Lately, they called for infighting in political party to overthrow Hun Sen on their behalves and invite the usurpers to join them. They should be aware of the fact that the Cambodian People’s Party is aware of Hun Sen’s critical role in continuing leadership of the party. It is unfortunate that you (opposition politicians) are going through infighting and party coup. In CPP, we do not fight to be President or leader […] I just urge you not to think of dividing others and keep your party together is what you should do […] when a party is in disarray it is the President/leader who has to be responsible. If that happens to the Cambodian People’s Party, Hun Sen was the first to take up the responsibility […]./.