Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony at the Khmer New Generation Institute (NKGI) [Unofficial Translation]


Human Resource Training and Development to Respond to Job Markets Demands

(While having your attention on providing short courses of skill training) I do not mean we ignore bachelor and other postgraduate degrees […] we must see that we have not got sufficient number of technicians and people with sophisticated skills training to respond to demands in the job markets yet. We must make further efforts to train more people with demanding skills as required by investors. Take for instance when Japanese investors come to Cambodia they have come to see me and expressed their concerns on three things – 1) wage, 2) cost of electricity, and 3) human resources or people with required skills […]

More Fund for Lawyers Group

After leaving this event, I have one more work to do […] I will receive another four billion Khmer Riel or about one million USD for the organization and working procedure of my lawyers group to provide legal consultation and protection for women in vulnerability. After thorough checking, we have now have a better knowledge that female convicts are only one third of the whole number of female kept in jail. The other two third female in prison are the accused. They have been charged but not tried yet. I urge the courts of all levels and the Minister Justice to expedite the legal process for them […]

Bails for Poor Female Prisoners

The Human Rights Commission led by Keo Remy, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and lawyers have discovered in their visits that there are many legal cases awaiting trials. I have request priority attention to female prisoners. I have asked my lawyers to do whatever they could to bail them and continue their legal cases. Some held their babies and some have their mature pregnancies in prisons. We are not talking about female prisoners who have been tried and sentenced to years of imprisonment for acts of murdering or robberies […]

Prisons are crowded with convicted persons. That is one issue. After serving certain duration of their sentences, partial or complete pardons proposed to HM the King. However, we must take responsibility when there are people accused and placed in prisons without trials […] I will send my lawyers to check these matters and we will focus on female with difficulties of entailing cases and also new ones […]

Digging More Wells Better Than Loading Water from Afar

Firstly, I continue my appeal to our people to be patient and understand the country’s difficulties in time of climate changes. Some areas have had difficulties in accessing water already. Some areas have had difficulties with shortage of electricity. However, we have not had news about wells drying out yet. In 2016, about 80% of wells went dried. We had to dig wells to 12 meters in the ground to get to water. We dug quite a number of wells. This year, we must dig more. I am calling on authorities of every levels, the Cambodian Red Cross and charitable persons to help dig more wells. This action would be worth doing than loading water from afar to help our people until rain comes. This year rain may come late than usual […]

Insufficient Water to Run Turbines

More important though, because of drought, we have less water in reservoirs. It is not sufficient to run turbines and we have to turn off some of them. We are on shortage of about 400 megawatts causing electricity supply fluctuations […] I am calling on our people to understand the situation we are in. Whoever have generators may bring them out and put them into use. We may have to go with some noise and smell of fuel but it may be better than having no power […] we are also waiting for ships with 60 megawatts generators on from Turkey […] we have requested 200 megawatts more from Vietnam. Vietnam also have similar problem of low level of water in reservoirs […] Thailand also has the same problem. As for electricity from Laos, we need to have transmission lines […]

Demand for Electricity Outgrows Plan

It is not a disaster running out of control. We just need to be patient while efforts put into resolving the problem. It is a force majeure. We also have to redress our plan immediately. We have made improper assessment of our need for electricity and its development. We foresee additional need of electricity from now to 2021. More than we have planned to. Originally, we have planned to produce more electricity in 2021-2022 […] people may ask why we do not think about this in the beginning […] once we go into producing electricity, such investment is not like those in roads, etc. It needs approval from the National Assembly. Investment in electricity needs approval from the National Assembly. Once they produce electricity, let say 200 megawatts, though we use only 50 megawatts, we will have to pay them in full. That is why we need to have planning […]

2023 – Every Villages Have Electricity

… We need to work on transmission networks. As of now, about 83% to 85% of or villages have had electricity wired and used. We must extend transmission to every villages. By 2023, we must complete this job and every villages must be on. We also have to produce enough to send them on. We have brought down prices of electricity this year and it falls on the year that we have problem of drought causing insufficient electricity production […]

Benefits to Draw in Once Every Six Months

… I have seen about a hundred people in front of my house. I asked Minister of Labour and Vocational Training HE Ith Sam Heng – what are they demanding for. Why the Ministry has not been quick to respond to their demands […] I have talked to workers everywhere about this benefit that we can cash it once every six month. I have begged you to understand this issue. Thousands demanded to cash all in at once and I have explained already. Now there are some one hundred of them demanding it again. Our law permits drawing in cash of benefits once every six months. If you demand to cash them all at once, the factories would have to pay some two billion USD. They could not do that. I am calling on At Thun and his group members to understand this situation and go along with the law […]

Governors of Khan Need Not Be Present

Today there is this annual conference at the Phnom Penh Municipality. Why are Khan/district governors present here? You have many works to do. Do they ask you to come? […] Mayor Khuong Sreng texted me that we would not be able to be here for this event because there is a meeting and he would send a deputy governor in his place. I replied that there is no need to send anyone. Now I see governors of Khan here. I hope you will get back to the Phnom Penh municipal annual conference […] let me clarify there is no need for Khan governors to be present in graduation and diploma presenting ceremony like this. You need to be present only when I come to your Khan/district […] it is your jobs to get back to work for people […]./.