Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) [Unofficial Translation]


First Graduation/Diploma Presenting in 2019

I am glad today to preside over this graduation and diploma presenting ceremony for 2,043 graduates at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). This is the first event of its kind to start my meeting with students for 2019 […] it reminds me that I used to give lectures to short courses in 1980s in this university on foreign affairs – a required component for officials at the time. Situation has now changed almost completely […]

Find out the One behind Rock’s Drug Case

I travel along this road passing by this university and the secondary school of Boeung Trabek, which is not far from here, on almost a daily basis. It is unfortunate that this filthy thing took place in Rock (nightclub). We have discovered recently. It shocked me as to why it has become a place that destroys people’s peace of mind and life. I am happy that the police busted it. They should have done it even earlier. It is very close to the university. I hope the Ministry of Interior will take measures on this disgusting matter along with strict legal procedures. They must be brought to justice. Go as deep as it takes to find out the chieftain in the case. It is not a trivial matter. What we have in hands should provide us clue to dig out those involved in drug trafficking and in this case […]

Study Is Life Work

I continue my call to graduates to continue their studies to betterment their capability. Study is a life work. Situation, science and technology evolve fast. We cannot place ourselves in stagnancy. Being in stagnancy is tantamount to going backward […] my appeal should go not only to students or graduates but also to senior officials who are not improving their knowledge and skills. We would have this situation that those lower level staff are doing better than those in senior positions. That would be a disaster. In lack of personal capability, ones must also know how to let human ability grow in an environment that senior, middle and junior staff with different knowledge and skills can coexist and work together. We must ensure that youth will benefit from progress according to their knowledge and knowhow […] leaders must also acquire knowledge […] they should not think that being a provincial governor, etc. there is no need for them to learn any more. To follow that path you will fall into conservatism […] or in Khmer we say “being frivolous” […]

Female Graduates Should Go on to Higher Learning

I am calling on female graduates with bachelor degree to keep going to a higher level of education. I am calling on parents and husbands to help their daughters, daughters in law, and wives to accomplish their wish for higher education so that women can be candidates for senior public and private positions […] if we were to go on with rate of less women going for higher education, we would continue to face with less women holding senior positions in public and private institutions […] that is one of my impression and I seek your efforts to help resolve this gender inequality (in pursuing higher education) […]

Issue 1 – Whether or Not to Amend Constitution to Reinstitute Death Penalty

Yesterday I visited girls suffered from sexual abuse by their grandfather, father, and bloodline relatives. I brought up this thought whether or not to reinstitute death penalty on those criminals […] I have made it clear that it is an issue that needs to be decided through a referendum […] in just one night I discover that there have been different reactions to the thought […] some has dropped comments in my Facebook page to even carry death penalty for those who raped and killed victims – not necessarily bloodline relative actors […]

No Need to Reinstitute Death Penalty

I have read the Phnom Penh Post after my screening news on social media […] three analysts made their cases on the matter – Sok Sam Oeun, Ou Virak, and Academician Sok Touch […] we have abolished this death penalty since the time of the State of Cambodia. We amended the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea to carry no more death sentence and we do not have it now. I think the three analysts have made their points about the thought of penalty reinstitution. Any misjudgment would lead to causing bigger problem when the person on capital punishment turns out to be innocent […] in this second thought I think there is no need to reinstitute death penalty.

Life Sentence and Prevention Should Be Sufficient

We must pursue measures to instill social moral to reduce and leading to end sexual abuses and violence of all sorts against girls/women. Education in which our Buddhist monks can play important role would lift up virtue in society. That would be the key. Prevention is more important and we need to do that first. In medicine they say “prevention is better than cure” […] what we need to do for cure is to take stringent legal measure when it comes to such abuse and carry out life sentences against those perpetrators […]

Issue 2 – Please Take Parts in Population Census

On behalf of the Royal Government, I am calling on our people who have not yet taken parts in census to do so in the three remaining days […] census will provide us what we needed to set out vision for future development of Cambodia. Please allow census enumerators to come to your place and give them requested information. We need a rather exact figure of how much population Cambodia has. We have been using data provided partly from the Ministry of Interior, partly from the Institute of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning, and partly from the Ministry of Health who have kept track of birthrate information […] we have come to a figure sometimes of 15 million and sometimes of 16 million people. We need a more exact figure.

Issue 3 – Concerned Authority to Resolve Water Shortage Phenomena

We have issued a circular already about the upcoming shortage of water (in this dry season). I have asked people to cultivate their dry season rice only once. However, because of their industriousness, our farmers have continued to their second cultivation of dry season rice and used the water reserved in reservoirs. The Ministry of Water Resource has started its mission to save dry season rice from drought. The main issue here is to pay attention to people’s need for water […] in 2016, we had to deliver water from far to cater people’s need. Wells dried out too. We had to dig deeper. I am calling on relevant authorities to dig more wells. That would be a more viable option than to lorry water from far […] that is very challenging issue. I am addressing this to people living and cultivating in insufficient water source areas to cancel their cultivation plan and wait till the time when rain comes […] a weather forecast has it that we may have drought through to the third week of May when rain will probably come. Well, a forecast would never be correct every time […]

With Peace and Political Stability We Work on Education Quality

Again, I welcome and appreciate progress made by RULE and efforts made by management and professors so far. My congratulations to graduates including also those foreign students coming from Korea, Vietnam, France, China, and UK. We have foreign students studying in many universities in Cambodia. We send our students to study abroad and they come to study in our country too. If our country is not in peace and political stability, we would not be able to upgrade education quality and there would not be foreign students coming to study with us. Let us congratulate our successes […]./.