Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​​ at the Get-together with Tricycle Cart Riders members of the Cyclo Association (CA) [Unofficial Translation]



Social Protection a Priority in RGC’s Policy in Social Affairs

I am so happy to meet with cyclo (tricycle cart cycled by human) riders after we have our association set up last year. I am so glad to have noticed its progress and development. What we are putting our efforts in for our cyclo riders is not for a few days but hopefully for a long-time operation so that each and every member of the Cyclo Association (CA) will continue to benefit from it […] if there more cyclo riders wishing to be members just let them be. We have already pooled together a sum of money and it is for serving interests of our cyclo riders whose jobs, according to my judgment, are the most vulnerable one.

In the past one year, cyclo riders in Phnom Penh have received a part of insurance that I consider it a social protection prioritized by the RGC or we can call it a priority of the Hun Sen’s policy in social affairs policy. We have improved mechanical engineering for cyclos including setting a brake at the front rather than at the back of the vehicle, and many other components to ensure higher safety for both passengers and riders […]

Cyclo Riders Entitled to Riel 7000/Day

As I said earlier, there is a saying that goes “beggar has got money for change,” our cyclo riders now have got money in hands (everyday) while before they are not sure if they may or may not have passengers who would take up cyclo riding for transportation. As of now, every member of the CA is entitled to Riel 2000 /day for renting cyclo and Riel 5000/day for food. It is quite crucial. Even in rice cultivation, there could be times that farmers operated at loss. As for CA cyclo riders, there is no day that they lose because if they ride or do not ride cyclos, they get their Riel 7000/day still from the Cyclo Association […]

I am so happy to be able to share this spirit with our cyclo riders. I hope that we will be able to continue together. Society should not neglect anyone and abandon them. Some have said what I have been doing (for humanitarianism) is a hypocritical thing. How could that be hypocritical? In my whole life, since after the liberation on 7 January 1979, humanitarian work has always been a part of my life. I have not made it in a quick and dirty way like some. My humanitarian work has been regular with long-term insurance (for target group members). Take for instance, I have seen here a card with which cyclo riders can cash their money every ten days. It is sure that we are going to have it for a long time […]

To Have Building and Care for Girls Suffered Sexual Assaults

I have taken charge of centers of orphans and deaf and mute children. It has not been for a few years but a couple of dozens of years already. Tomorrow my wife and I will go to a place where my wife had tear full in her eyes telling me about girls who had suffered sexual assaults from father or even grandfather, etc. They are in difficult living condition. I am soliciting a working team to conduct a study to build them a center and figure out how to help them. My wife and I will take part in this work to reduce suffering and offer them training […] it is quite unfortunate that this has happened in our society. I will take my Sunday morning to visit the place. Yesterday my wife visited the place already but I feel that I have to see the condition with my own eye. It will be a major social work in addition to the many social affairs with which I have been doing […]./.