Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​​ at the Celebration of the 21st National Culture Day, the Closing of the Fifth Youth Arts Performance, and Meeting with Artists in the Whole Country [Unofficial Translation]


In addition to the prepared text, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, makes comments selected and translated unofficially by CNV as followed:

A Great Loss of Two Heroic Artists – Prach Chhuon and Phlong Moeuk

[…] Before I continue my speech, let me remind us all that in the last few months we had lost two great artists – Prach Chhuon and Phlong Moeuk. That was a great loss indeed to our nation and people. In this meaning, please allow me to invite you all to stand up and pray for their souls to rest in peace […] thank you […]

Taking Pride on Cambodian Arts Value, Thinking More on Quality and Content

I wish to take this opportune moment to express my sincere appreciation and praise to the progress made in the Cambodian film sector, whose films (or soap operas), according to instruction of the Ministry of Information, has screened on TV at 7pm. Foreign movies/soap operas would go later – at 9pm. Since then, I have noticed that we have made significant progress in local film making efforts. I thank every company that is producing films for TV programs and screening elsewhere. I have noted their progress and we all must give high value to the Cambodian arts. We must learn to appreciate and value to those efforts and refrain from making judgmental comments on them. However, though we are proud of what we have achieved in arts and film making sector per se we should not forget to think about improving quality and content […]

More Capable Screen Play Writers, Directors and Actors

I am calling on those involved in film making sector to pay attention in raising high capability of screen play writers, directors and actors. We should pay first attention on screen play writers and directors as actors would be something we can deal at a later stage. Once we achieve a good screen play and directing, I think we have plenty of much required actors to choose from these days according to the play and directors’ demand. What impresses me is that those Cambodian films presented at the gold show times have been appealing and entertaining to the Cambodian audience […] (having seen some mistakes in following script) I think it is better for screenplay writers to be present in every movie shooting to ensure that their visions have been translated properly in actions […]

To Earn Popularity on Cambodian Film Making Again

It is my wish to see that film making sector that died under the regime of Pol Pot and reborn in the period of my leadership to develop and become popular again among the Cambodian people. This sector came back to life when I am the Prime Minister in Cambodia. I wanted to see for sure that Cambodian films are not only popular among the Cambodians inside the country but also welcome abroad. In 1960s and 1970s, our film made in Cambodia was so popular. I just had a brief meeting with elder sister Di Saveth – one of our popular film actors in those times and she is still with us […]

Allow Tax Holiday for Ten Years on Film Sector

(With regard to tax favor on film sector) let me affirm to you all one reason why I cannot allow tax holiday for ten years right away? I have this term of the National Assembly to respect because my premiership position will end in 2023, when Cambodia will organize another general elections. I made my decision on this 19-March-2018 request of the Ministry of Culture to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance suggested me what to do. I do not want any heavy tax on arts sector but we have this legislative term to follow. Should our people as a whole and the artists in particular vote to support the Cambodian People’s Party and me as Prime Minister, in my position I will make sure that tax would not be a burden on arts […] (I have stated times and again that) I will run for the post until 2028 […] I hope that I will have your supports […]

Youth for National Culture – A Continued Long-term Subject

I am so encouraged to see that youth artists have also taken up their participations and they have been doing many years now. We must continue to observe this subject of “Youth for National Culture” because it is they who will take over from former generations. I think we should keep up with this subject […] I have noted with satisfaction capability of many young artists on live TV programs and/or performances in numerous events […] I always give my attention to their actions. I am calling on cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and the Ministry of Education and Sports to incorporate culture as one major topic in education – one among other priorities so that we all can protect and raise our love higher for national culture […]

We Are Conserving and Developing Arts

We have many forms of arts and we must do everything we can to protect them. Years back, I had made called it an emergency about lack of proper know-how among wise men and facing-extinction of Chapei Dong Veng (a kind of two-stringed and long necked guitar) and Ayai (a form of art that involves two people pitching their wits against each other through singing), Basak drama, and Yike song and/or drama (two forms of performance arts).  Lately, I am proud to see that my recommendations have brought about sprout of young artists generation of those performance arts and music. I have watched and followed them on TV, Facebook and/or YouTube. It was not just for my pleasure. I always bring my thought to thinking about quality, from the starting point when and where we re-gathered artists and other arts-related souls/capitals to the time that we are able to do two things together – conserving and developing them […]

A Dinner with Prime Minister

Well, let us not forget that we have two events to attend today. We have this event organized by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. And we have another event for you artists to also proceed to. You artists present are guests invited to this annual solidarity dining with the Prime Minister. I have four more years for this term to meet you – until 2023. I already said I will run for two more years. If it becomes a fact, we will meet for another ten years in absence of disturbances from poisonous circles […]./.