Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​​ at the 7th National Day on Clean City for 2018 “A Clean City: A City of Hospitality” [Unofficial Translation]


In addition to prepared text, Samdech Techo Hun Sen made comments on the following topics, which CNV provides unofficial translation:

Wi-Fi without Internet Access

Relating to this Wi-Fi thing, let me have your attention that what we have done on this project in Phnom Penh does not seem to be effective. Usually, traveling to places where they said offering free Wi-Fi, we never have access to internet. I am having your attention on this because I wanted you to make sure the company will provide the service of both Wi-Fi and internet access […] the other day I went to golfing with Samdech Pichey Sena Tia Banh and I could not get a posting going […] I then had to use hotspot option to tap on internet access of another phone to get it posted […] I have seen on various occasions that access to internet is a problem, even in the United Nations. We must be sure that we pay for service that we have asked for […]

Rabies Vaccines – Bitten First Priority

Please allow me to take this moment to address this matter that has concerned us in the last few days. A number of people have concerns about rabies and have been flocking the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) to wait for rabies vaccination. It is not necessary to do that. People who have not been bitten by dog or cat or other animals have come for rabies vaccination causing difficulties to those bitten and actually have to continue their vaccinations. The Ministry of Health has already issued a statement and we are making efforts to provide rabies vaccination to those bitten […] what has troubled the service provision is that those not bitten are crowded to demand vaccines. Some even used bad words against IPC and the Ministry of Health […]

As is advised by the Ministry of Health, the best protection against rabies is to keep yourself safe and away from those animals. You may not want to play with them. That is the best way to protect yourself from rabies. Having said that I do not mean to avoid (vaccination). In rural area, sometimes, a mother dog could bite people because she was protective to her babies. People bitten needed to have vaccinations urgently. I am asking the Ministry of Health to make sure referral hospitals, and private clinics too, have such medicines in store […] I am calling our people who have been appalled to learn of a young girl died of rabies […] to stay calm and allow people who have been bitten to receive their vaccinations. As you are not bitten by any animals, you may want to consult with a specialist as to what type of vaccination you may need […]

Clean Our City and Living Areas, Folks

I wish to take a little time to elaborate on tourism and I continue to encourage efforts to work for clean cities to guarantee safety and wellbeing of our people, and sanitation in our country. All in all, it is about us ourselves. We must work together to ensure sanitation. We have hundreds of people who are making cleaning their jobs but millions are leaving wastes out and about and not in bins provided. We must make efforts and take actions together to ensure our cities, our communes, and streets are clean. We cannot leave the job to only janitors and cleaners. Their jobs is to collect waste from bins and not to pick them in the streets. Some people have blamed authorities for not taking actions to clean cities but sometimes they themselves are not putting waste in bins and leave plastic bags out and about […] we must make sure that “clean, safe and wellbeing cities” is becoming a national movement. We must all work together – from children to elderly people. When we get that together we will be able to attract tourists to our country as they would not fear of infectious diseases in Cambodia […]

Preventing Infectious Diseases in a Timely Manner

In fact Cambodia is proud for what it has done take for instance the SARS. I could recall that that happened when Cambodia was taking a rotary chairmanship of ASEAN – 2002-2003. SARS burst out in the region. Former Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong called me and proposed an initiative for an ASEAN urgent meeting on that matter. I told him it is absolutely important to get together. Former Prime Minister of Thailand – Thaksin Shinawatra took the responsibility to organize the Bangkok meeting, which HE Thaksin and I co-chaired with the participations of form Premier of (the People’s Republic of) China Wen Jiabao, former Chief Executive the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – Tung Chee-hwa […] SARS did not make it through to Cambodia at that time. We did have bird flu though. However, Cambodia produced from Kompong Cham some six million pairs of special clothes for operation against SARS. Other than that, no deadly infectious diseases made their way to Cambodia or from Cambodia to other countries. We have taken stringent control and inspection measures. We invited persons suspected of having SARS to have treatments until we were sure s/he could continue her/her journey […]

Tourist Destination Free of Terrorism and Peaceful Community

Concerning peace, political stability, security and social order, I am calling on concerned authorities to ensure that terrorism takes no place in Cambodia, whether it be tourist site or village, factory, and community. I met with roughly 900,000 workers from over one thousand factories. I told them to help make their factories a peaceful community, where there were no gangsters, drug distributions, and/or HIV/AIDS infection spreading. We would be successful in our safe village/commune policy if we were able to make that happen. Tourists now are traveling far and large in our country where we are building roads and other necessary infrastructures […]

Let’s Tourists Come Back with Friends

No one in his/her right mind would risk to tour Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc. They are vulnerable spots on earth. We continue to attract a tourist by every means we have done so far. To tell the world about tourism in Cambodia through media such as on TVs and so on is one good way of doing it. However, to make sure tourists who have already come will come back again, and come with his friends, is more important. As traders, we wanted customers to buy our products and return again next time, and with his/her friends. That is a successful way to do it. We must be hospitable […]

Exercise Hygiene and Sanitation, Attract Tourists with Street Food

We also must remember that food hygiene is a big issue to make sure that tourists are coming to Cambodia to seek for good and safe food. We have laid out this street food development and competition. Once they can make safe and taste-good food, tourists will come day and night. We also must make sure that we have good and clean road. This is like we got two birds with one arrow. If every street in Phnom Penh sell safe and taste-good food, and every street is in good condition, there will be competition and tourists will not flock to just certain place […]

Tourism Boosts Agriculture, Encourages Green Belt

We must think of using tourism to stimulate agriculture to a next level. I have talked about having a green belt in/around major tourist sites. We must explain and help people to grow vegetable, and rear animals, whose meats will supply to hotels. We are using foreign currency to buy those stuffs from outside. It is in this meaning that I have said it for a few years now to make effort to export to internal markets. People may grow vegetables, rear birds, animals, and fish, and they can sell them to consumers such as hotels and restaurants to eatery demand from growing number of tourists. This point is so important that our people can benefit from it. Tourism will tug agriculture along […]

More Grades to Hotels Consuming Most Local Products

There are numerous things that we can supply to hotels and restaurants in tourism. It is in this meaning that we have been encouraging, if you could remember my recommendation from the last meeting, to give more grades to hotels that are using local products […] I am repeating it. In Japan, agriculture shares only 1% of GDP but what Japan produces serve local demand and also export to markets throughout the world. In Cambodia, we have consumed many Japanese agricultural produce like mandarins, melon, etc. […]

More Training for Farmers in/around Tourist Sites/Areas

I urge for training of farmers in/around touristic sites so that they transform their extensively and water-consuming rice-growing habits to growing vegetables. On commercial front, we must orientate markets as hotels and restaurants for our farmers to supply their produce. When we are able to work them together, our economy would not be resilient to external uncertainty of trade war or other causes. We have markets for our farmers’ produce. The six million tourists coming to Cambodia did not bring along their rice. They surely consume our rice and bread. We must bake good bread to serve bread-cultured people. These are interrelated […]

With rise of tourism, we have hope not only in non-fiscal income from visas, visiting Angkor Wat, etc., but also in direct and indirect job creations for our people. We have started from none tourist. Now we have a record of 6.2 million tourists. It was just in 1994, we had this incident of three tourists – a French, an Australian, and a British, held up by the Khmer Rouge who ambushed the train at Phnom Voar. Before 1999, as far as I knew, the government of Japan allowed the Japanese nationals to visit only Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. It is a normal practice that every government is responsible for safety of their citizens […]

Multi-Sectors Economy Never Dwindles Down

After successful conduction of win-win policy in 1998, we have reunited the land and water. We demined and destroyed them. We built infrastructures and connectivity. Tourists are all over and from every direction now. We will see to the fact that more roads will be built and that would include the road from Thmor Da of Pursat to Pailin on one direction and Koh Kong – along the border, on another […] our ecotourism is fantastic and attractive. Multi-sectors economy never dwindle downs or meets its darkness. As I have said it, agriculture has got so many sub-sectors and a number of them are serving local tourism […]

I am asking the Ministries of Commerce, Agriculture, Tourism, and related institutions, especially those of you at municipal, provincial, district, and communal levels to work on this endeavor and do not take this work as something to be carried out only by the Ministry of Tourism. We are working on policy at national level. You at local levels will be the ones to make it happen and take care of public order. I am so happy to have journeyed with you all from when Cambodia recorded none to today at 6.2 million tourists. We also have millions of locals travelling inside the country and about one million who had traveled abroad. I will continue the journey with you. We are working together to attract tourists to Cambodia for its peace, political stability, security, and public order […]./.