Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Meeting with Mention-A Graduates of the Senior Secondary School – 8 August 2018 [Unofficial Translation]

Will Continue to Meet Mention-A Secondary School Graduates

Once again, I have made my time to meet with graduates of senior secondary school with mention A as I have done it every year. I have made it clear from before the elections that if I were not to be re-elected, and I have said the same to workers, it would be up to the “elected Prime Minister” to think what s/he would do on this matter. If I were to be re-elected, I would continue to meet mention-A graduates, and workers as well. It is now true that Prime Minister continues in this new term for two months and two days today. Today is November 8. The Royal Government was formed on 6 September […]

Let me express my congratulations to you my grandchildren for passing exams successfully with mention A. That is the achievement that brings you to the Peace Palace today. I hope that any Prime Minister in the future will continue to such meeting because it will be a huge encouragement not only for you personally but also for family, community, school, and nation. It also reflects progress in the field of education too. It is my joy and appreciation to see that the Cambodian children, notably you here, have made great efforts in your studies, especially in the time prior to taking exams […]

More Budgets Allocated for Education and Health

Taking this opportune moment, let me express my sincere appreciation for the Ministry of Education, every offices under its supervision and every educational foundations for making efforts concerning this achievement […] the fifth term of the Royal Government was one with deep reform in education in conformity with policy giving priority to human resource for which we, in this new term, have earmarked budget that is 3.5 folds bigger and still growing. We are focusing on education. There is no other equitable way to redistribute the fruits (of our economy) than to invest them in infrastructure necessary, especially relating to human resource such as building schools and/or hospitals. We put more money in education and health sectors to ensure that our children will have good health, intelligence, and they will be competent to take over from us former generation […]

Reform Taken in Secondary Exams Changes Mindset of Society and Nation

I have a sincere appreciation for parents who have helped their children to commit and realize this achievement. We can say that our society has transformed when we introduce reform in conducting and administering exams. It has taken a wide ranging and profound effect in mindset of family as well as society. In time of previous reforms, some parents were not concerned and paid no attention to their children’s efforts […] in 2016, in the course of over five thousands kilometers trip to a number of regions like Preah Vihear, Uddar Meanjei, Banteay Meanjei, Battambang, Pailin, and other provinces, I had noticed that, in the course of preparing for senior secondary level school exams, there were extra classes  in which students from 12th and 11th grades had taken before either they would take exams that year and/or the year after that […]

Peace in Place of Division Gives Chance to Children and Youth

Let me take this opportune moment to express my sincere thanks for the authority at every level for making efforts to provide safety everywhere in the Kingdom of Cambodia under the roof of peace. That is the fruit of peace. Were there no peace, there would be no school or schooling as there would be insecurity. Students and teachers would take refuges in trenches as we already saw and did in fighting. In certain school in those times there were trenches all around. This has changed for the past twenty years now. This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary to end the war completely to unify our country. There are no more fighting and/or sounds of gunfire to interfere teaching of teachers and studying of students. This is the case everywhere – Phnom Penh or every other places. We can do it […]

Schools Join in Implementing Policy of Safe Village/Commune

Authority are making efforts to contribute to leading implementation in the framework of safety for village and/or community. There have been cases that in some schools we were taking effective measures to combat and eliminate drug. Some of the students have had this experiences. It is in this note that I said if we transform schools as basis to combat drug along with efforts to ensure enterprises are peaceful and no-drug community, we could be certain that these measures are addressing safety of our village and/or community […]

A Computer Glitch

Along with this, I am delivering my appreciation and congratulation to all 76,036 graduates who had made it successfully to pass the exams in the whole country. There were interruption. I was concerned as to what was really the matter. Finally, we found out that it was a computer glitch. This is a lesson for us all to remember that we must be careful working with electronic helpers […] if we were not able to find out the problem, there would be a rising demand for taking exams again […]

A Culture of Sharing Helps Education

We wish that our culture of participation and sharing promotes education further. I am thankful to Oknha Leang Khun of the Chip Mong Company. Yesterday he offered to build a road at a cost of some six million USD in Takeo. Every year that I meet with Mention-A students, he also provided me with iPads to give to them […] this is the fifth year (that he helps) […] you may have to help me for another ten years because that would be how long I am going to stay. Would you grandchildren allow me to stay on for another ten years? [Sound of answering “yes”]. Some of you already voted this year and some of you may vote in the next term. I will stand again in 2023. I have not made decision for 2028. By that time I would be over 70 years old. So much. I would think of a possibility to withdraw […] sharing has long been our tradition and practice, and there is nothing wrong with doing that. Were there no sharing, we would for instance have not sufficient school buildings. It is in this note that we must continue to join together for development of our human resource. You must continue to make efforts. From here on, you will have to make your decision what are you going to study to be […]

Appointments According to Competence

I ran my eyes on a piece of abridged version sent to me by HE Svay Sitha concerning this topic that Hun Sen appointing his son (to so and so position). I wish to respond to such news that my son is a human being, is not he? If you look into my family tree, I have an eldest brother whose name nobody would even know. He did not have the ability to work in any position higher than Deputy Head of Department […] one other brother who is even better than me was once governor of Kompong Cham and now he becomes member of the National Assembly. It is all about capacity […] I have a cousin who is a worker in one factory in Stoeung Meanjei. I also have today a nephew who attained Mention A. I just knew about it when I came across his parents […]

My children had studied and achieved their Ph.D. and Master Degrees. Would I just put them away? Or should I give them some works to do? Other officials also have their children trained […] where would we put these people? I may remind you that opposition party members who joined us and I do not have to disclose their names, always came to me with stacks of requests for me to intervene for so and so to go from one place to another. Very often they would ask to go to Finance and/or customs. When my son is an official, a soldier, and he deserves to have a job, they said I am doing it for the sake of securing power […]

Female Students Did Better in Exams

Let me say something about gender. Last year I said it and I am saying it again now. I wish concerned ministries pay attention to this dearly. I have noticed that in secondary education, number of male and female students are similar. When it comes to higher education, number of female students goes down […] this year, it is encouraging to see that though more male students got Mention A in their exams, female students did better as far as whole number passing exams in the country – 3,748 more than number of male. In scoring mention-A, female number is twenty less. As a whole, of all the students who have passed exams – 76,036 of them, there are 3,748 of female graduates than male […]

Infrastructure and School Building – Challenges

I am grateful to efforts made by concerned actors to bring our country to this stage. We still have challenges ahead. As number of student grows, we need to build more schools. We still need more school buildings. We need to build more new school and school buildings in areas where people moved in to settle. In 2012, we measured nearly two million hectares of land for our people and I visited those places. We have needs for roads, transportation, connectivity, water, schools, hospitals, etc. In those places, schools were old and/or needed repair or build new ones. Many challenges and needs to address […]

No Reconciliation with Person of Recklessness

Price of land has risen and some people were unhappy about it […] some do not even appreciate the fact that our sportsmen/women scored medals from regional or world competitions. We won accessions to world heritages for Preah Vihear, Sambo Prey Kuk, etc. and they said nothing […] last time, a child of the member of opposition also won mention A and came here too. We discriminate no one. However, on the other side, they do and attack my children. The difference is here. It is a contradicting culture […] in this development, what else can we do? If they wish for a reconciliation culture, they should know how to behave. If they do not want it, they may go on with such recklessness […]

I do not mean to tell you to set your mind to follow people of older generation. However, some of them may have good things to learn from. Some, you would not have anything good thing to learn. All they ever did was scolding. Fake news and cybercrimes have become a big topic in world forum, for instance ASEM […] in some cases, they spread false news that Hun Sen died two hours ago […] what should you do in this case? As far as I know, France and Germany are in the process of drafting laws against fake news […]

Bimonthly Salary

From January next year, our civil servants, teachers included, will be paid on a bimonthly basis […] in the past five years now, we have paid our civil servants in the third week of every month. From January 2019, we will pay our civil servants every fifteen days […] in both state and private sectors […] I have asked for concerned institutions to reserve me certain amount of cash for salary. We may cut out in other flow of expenses but not from salary […]./.