Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Meeting with Workers/Employees in the Commune of Chaom Chao, Khan Po Sen Jei [Unofficial Translation]

Will Visit Workers at Factories

It is a great pleasure to come and meet you workers today. I have said it since before the election that if the Cambodian People’s Party were to be your choice, I would continue my commitment to meet workers. I would not be able to do so, if it were otherwise […] now things have been obvious. The Cambodian People’s Party has won 100% seats in the National Assembly. In this development, I continue to do what I have promised […] this is the fifth get-together with workers after the elections and I think there will be about ten more […] I continue to meet with workers until I have met everyone. After such meeting, I would also visit workers at their factories. It is a process of implementing policy for industrial sector development for 2015 and 2025 aimed at contributing to resolving remaining concerns or challenges to ensure your works and incomes […]

CPP Always Present for People

The Cambodian People’s Party has always been sharing bad and good time with people nearly 40 years. In months away, we will be celebrating the 40th 7-January liberation anniversary. The Cambodian People’s Party has been sharing bad and good times with our people and always present. Some of its dignitaries died leaving many attainments for younger leading generation. Those who are still alive continue have continued on journey with your grandparents and parents. What is more important the Cambodian People’s Party and its leaders are accompanying you to advancement to lead the country out of division and war to peace, and out of poverty to development […]

Controllable Inflations, Maintain Purchasing Power

All in all, advantages you have received along with managing a stable macro-economy, preventing inflations and maintaining purchasing power have not been a simple matter. Compared to neighboring countries, inflation in our country is lower. It is true while certain areas are flooded, certain areas are in drought. In Banteay Meanjei, certain areas are under flood, and some are in need of water. This has been a situation in Battambang, Pursat, etc. Along the Mekong, while flood rises above warning level again in Stoeng Treng, Kratie, and Kompong Cham, it is unfortunate that in Phnom Penh flood level has not been as high as we are expecting […] though flood has damaged so far tens of thousands of hectares of rice and fruits such as banana and papaya, and other legumes, market prices seem to be stable. Prices of meats and fishes have gone up but within a controllable inflation. The Royal Government has been making efforts to cope with this situation to guarantee purchasing power for salary earned by our workers, civil servants and armed forces […]

First (Sixth Legislative Term Royal Government’s) Cabinet Meeting – 7 September

On the forthcoming 7 September 2018, there will be this first Cabinet’s meeting. It will be a live broadcast of my political statement before the Cabinet’s meeting continues behind closed door. I will be working on dividing works and responsibilities among Deputy Prime Ministers and Senior Ministers, and many more internal matters […] it is clear now about changes. I will leave the fifth legislative term Royal Government to the sixth legislative term one. Our workers will also change as you already did this year from 153 USD to 170 USD of their minimum salary. We will change to a new figure next year […]

I am calling on companies and factories in the Kingdom of Cambodia to get ready for semimonthly payroll in 2019. We will implement bi-weekly payroll. I have made this point clear in the elections campaign […] we will need to pay attention on this matter. We will ensure its implementation of semimonthly payroll not only in state but also in private sectors […]

A Swearing Challenge

Some should not just do what s/he thinks of to oppose. That person has not made his swear yet on what he said that “I had hired a killer to kill him in France.” I challenge him to take his swear that if it was not true, he could face with deaths of his wife, his children, great grandchildren, and his entourage – at least 100 of them. Up to today, he has not taken his swear yet […] they may not say swearing is superstitious and (for person or thing that is) stuck. Prior to taking office, members of the National Assembly, the Senate, and the Royal Government all are swearing in […]

Pardon Granted for Admission of Guilt Letters

Now let me say a few things about politics. It is about pardoning prisoners or convicts. Those pardoned have fallen into two categories. The first kind is the ones who wrote me letters of admission of guilt – such as Um Sam An, who admitted his wrongdoing vis-à-vis the country’s map as an offense. He begged for a pardon. Meach Sovanra and a few others have laid their thumbprints on what they admitted as wrongdoings for what they had done in the Square of Democracy. According to law, with letters of admission of guilt, the Prime Minister is in his position to exercise his power to seek for a pardon from HM the King […] I have sought pardons for all of them except the one fugitive who is on the run from prison. He may as well be prison himself away and lonely […] for these convicts, I do not wait till Pjum Ben day. I am still considering a large-scale pardon for the upcoming ceremonial events – Pjum Bem, Independence Day, and 20thAnniversary of Ending War. The Minister of Justice will see to that job. We will let those people out to rebuild their lives […]

Those Pardoned Free from Pay

On matters concerning with criminal offense as led by a political leader, I have pardoned them all. Those pardoned will not need to pay a thing. HE Um Sam An, HE Meach Sovanra and others of the kind would be free of obliged payments […] I wish to explain this to supporters of the Cambodian People’s Party on why Samdech Techo Hun Sen seeks pardons for them. I just assure you that it is the right thing to do and we should do it whenever we could. They have admitted their mistakes and they have served their sentences to a certain extent. Pardoning them would serve one reason to allow people to live in an atmosphere of solidarity as a nation. However, they should not deem to say it was done because of pressure […]

Those Released for Serving Court Decision Shall Pay

… On the contrary, anyone who has been released because s/he has served up the prison sentence, s/he is still obliged to pay whatever the court has asked her/him to. The one released from prison on this condition will have to pay the 800 million Riel he owed to the Cambodian People’s Party for the damage s/he caused […] he must pay back or he would risk being arrested and sent back to jail. You are free from guilt but you still have owe and still has to pay […] he goes around talking about “rule of mouth,” conferring that thing would decides according to what I say. Well, whatever I say always based on legal aspect. The court decided that you pay 800 million Riel for damage you caused and you have not paid it yet. I urge the Cambodian People’s Party’s lawyer to ask for it […] (you said it to) insult me. You had better look for money and pay or you will go back to jail […] your freedom come to border with freedom of others […]

No Pardon for Suspects

It seems that there are some people to be led by Nob Bun Hor in Khan Chamkar Mon of Phnom Penh to go to Tropaing Phlong (prison) to welcome (release of a) suspect. I am calling on the security and police to look for Nob Bun Hor who claimed going tomorrow to Tropaing Phlong. Some said to have gone and stayed there overnight. Let me clarify to our people that the one (who is kept) at Tropaing Phlong is a suspect and not a convict. There will be no release. Who would do that? He has not yet been tried. There are no guilt to pardon him for. Who would shelf a treacherous case? […] as the Royal Government, I will continue to keep suing the case […]

Two Political Parties Should Fill Request in Writing

I read the Phnom Penh Post and I learnt that two more political parties are asking to join with the Supreme Council of Consultation. I welcome them always. However, they should not make requests only on media. When the Council of Ministers invited political parties to the meeting, we also wrote them letters. They should send letters to the Prime Minister too in this case. I have delegated this matter to Chhim Phalvorun to work on coordinating and drafting the Royal Decree and HE Bin Chhin to lead the meeting. I will wait for them to ask for my approval and send to HM the King to sign it […] if they only talk about joining in the press, how could we go about writing to invite them? […]

Create No Habit of Financing Political Parties

Some political parties have divulged about who to go in and who to stay out, asking for positions of Secretary of State or Under-Secretary of State, etc. Let me affirm that the Constitution allows that only for political parties with elected seats in the National Assembly. Some have even asked for their people in district and provincial levels. Cannot give you that […] some have asked for financial help to strengthen their parties […] it will be up to you. You will earn your salary from Supreme Council of Consultation. You may want to use that income to help your parties. There is no need to complicate this matter to create a habit that the Royal Government feeds political parties. The Royal Government pays whoever will have come and shared inputs with Prime Minister, the Royal Government […]

A Political Party Purpose Should Not Be for Posts/Functions

… I have also responded to a request by one political party that the Royal Government will not be able to serve its request (of allowing their people into public functions). We cannot do it even at local level. We have already decided on one governor and certain number of deputy governors. Besides being civil servants, they would have to be a third-level or second-level officials to hold functions at district level. For provincial level, functions are for second and first-level officials. Those from political parties will not be fit for these criteria. I would argue if you are creating political parties only for posts and functions, you do not need to go on. Even as a ruling party, we cannot just throw in officials for those posts and functions […]./.