Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers and Employees at Lou 5 Area [Unofficial Translation]

Today, we are resuming let say the second round of workers/employees meeting. The first round ended at the time we had the election campaigns. Today, I am so pleased to continue to do what I have promised […] should the Cambodian People’s Party win the elections, I would continue meeting with workers/employees or should the Cambodian People’s Party lose the elections, I would not have a chance to fulfil such promise […] it is now obvious that the future Prime Minister for the forthcoming sixth legislative term Royal Government will be Hun Sen. I have said it already that I will continue to seek through elections for Prime Minister post for at least ten more years. It is now true that at least in five years ahead, I will be Prime Minister through to 2023, when we will have another elections […]

The Campaign “Stay Home and Win” Failed

The elections outcome has great meaning for the Kingdom of Cambodia since it is related with this campaign of “staying home and win” […] the campaign has failed. About 82% of the Cambodian population went to vote. It has indicated people’s supports for democratic process. Those who campaigned (stay home and win) made a wrong calculation. With such failure, it has proved that they could not be successful leaders of a political party […] they thought that votes that they had received in the past would be theirs exclusively. Even yesterday, they said two million people did not go to vote, and a million voters went to vote but spoilt ballots […] they also accused those who went to vote to have been coerced. You nieces and nephews may think on this note if we all are animals […]

The Whole People, Particularly Workers, Supported Democracy

The Cambodian people by far are not fools. Up to 82% of voters had turned out. People really decided with their own rights. It is true that number of voters varied. Previously, in national elections, voters turn out rate had reached 90% as the highest, and 69% as the lowest. In 2013, about 80% of (registered) voters fulfilled their rights and this time around 82% of them did. I thank our people in the whole country in general and our workers/employees in particular for supporting the democratic process […] whether some might have voted for other parties or spoilt ballots. That was your freedom […]

No Discrimination between Those Who Voted and Those Who Did Not

However, I am begging our workers and people to exercise no discrimination between those 82% (of registered voters) who went to vote and those 18% who did not. Let us have a clear understanding of each other here. I am asking those of you in the 18% group not to insult those in the 82% group as this or that (foreign) thugs. I am asking those of you in the 82% group not to blame those in the 18% group of whatever reasons at all – personal or political, that they failed to go to vote. Any hatred and/or discrimination would lead to conflicts in villages/communes, community, and even factories […]

20 September 2018 – the Sixth Legislative Term Royal Government to Form

As present and forthcoming Prime Minister of the Royal Government scheduled to forming on 20 September 2018 […] I have had my works ready. On 19 September, the new National Assembly will meet for the first time and proceed to swearing an oath in the afternoon of the same day. On 20 September, the Royal Government will be formed and will take an oath to start functioning in the afternoon of the same day too. On 21 September the first cabinet meeting will take place. This is the process to take place that I wish to share with you on what to do next. In some countries, like Malaysia, Japan, and many more, they would go to forming the government right away after the elections. We do not. Why do we wait?

No Party Could Say About Elections Results, Except NEC

In our country, we have reserved times in stages for the process. As I said at the closing of the elections campaigns, I called on the five million members of the Cambodian People’s Party to respect electoral laws, orders and procedures until it is over. At this moment, the electoral procedure is not over yet. It will be over when the National Elections Committee (NEC) declares official results and number of seats for contested parties, and elected candidates. In the meantime, no political party should come out with figures of seats they may have won […] it is in NEC’s authority. Should there be any problem, they would bring it to the attention of the Constitutional Council, who, after viewing and resolving cases, would return the cases to NEC, who would then pronounce official results, number of seats, and elected candidates […] finally, HM the King will convene the first session of the National Assembly stipulated in the Constitution to take place within 60 days.

Ready for the New Royal Government

As for me, I have planned already. Of course we all know of our victory but it is not in our position to say how much or many. I have set a schedule ready for the commencement of the new Royal Government’s functioning and that would include also timing for Cambodian to give a statement at the United Nations General Assembly. I would not be able to go to the United Nations to make the statement because the establishment of the Royal Government will be on 21 September and on 25 September, the UN General Assembly will commence […] at least we will send the Foreign Minister of the new-term Royal Government to deliver a statement. However, in October, I have two invitations from the European Commission and Commissioner to attend the Asia-Europe Summit and the ASEAN-Europe meeting. I have replied that I will attend those meetings. I will leave Phnom Penh to Brussels in the evening of 17 October. On 20 and 22, after the Summits, I will conduct a visit to Turkey. From 23 through to 25 September, I will return to Switzerland for an international trade conference in Geneva. I may share with our people abroad of my presence to be in Europe. Some may want to organize demonstration but many will be interested to meet me. We need to settle for a place to do so […]

Two Remarkable Outcomes of the 29-July-2018 Elections

The 29-July-2018 elections has been important. Firstly, our people have taken part in the democratic process and over 82% (of the registered voters) have turned out to vote. No matter what they may say […] since the 1998-elections, they never failed to protest the elections results. This time around, from outside the country, they asserted their victory […] I wonder who do they think the Cambodian people, and more so Cambodian voters are? Are those voters their hostages? They should not underestimate people’s rights. Even the Cambodian People’s Party, who share journeys with people for the last 40 years, in some elections some votes did not stay with us. They went to other parties […] they may not miscalculate or they would never see a victory […]

Secondly. The people of Cambodia as a whole, workers/employees in particular, have taken parts in keeping peace and development by voting for the Cambodian People’s Party […] I have no right to say out now how many seats we have won but people may have followed it on TV […] The first round of counting has indicated that the Cambodian People’s Party stayed at 60% of support. Every rounds thereafter, we have even higher percentage […] voting for the Cambodian People’s Party is equal to keeping peace and development […] some of you here might have taken parts in the final day of elections campaign where I said “peace for all and all for peace” – the last slogan and key term pronounced by the President of the Cambodian People’s Party […]

Peaceful Elections in 2018

… I have confidence in the number of people voting for the Cambodian People’s Party. They are central force to defend peace, national independence, and sovereignty of Cambodia. If people do not love peace, development, independence, and sovereignty, they would not have voted for the Cambodian People’s Party. This has not yet counted in their interests in the party’s policies […] what are the differences between the 2018 elections compared to 2013 ones? In 2013, before elections, there was this sense of troublemaking and people could not continue their daily activities and/or businesses […] people may have remembered that in the evening after the elections in 2013, people were filling their food stocks and cashed out money because they were unsure of what was going to happen. If I were to lose control of the situation, armed clashes would be imminent […]

As a Husband and Father, I Have to Protect Honors of Wife and Son

Let me say it again, they have labeled my wife as Vietnamese and my son as a half breed and his father was not Hun Sen […] for this case, that person and me has not yet finished. The Hun family will not forgive them. I had asked the person to apologize when he accused my wife to be a wife of a Vietnamese leader […] and they linked it to Hun Manet who would become Prime Minster after Hun Sen. There are many clips in YouTube […] they have accused people around of being a Yuon, a Siamese, etc. Would you think those people forgive him? I will not let you go on this one […] as a husband and father, it is my duty to protect honors of my wife and son […]

Free-of-Charge Taxi Boat and Phnom Penh-Poipet Train Passengers to End of 2018

Let me inform you that yesterday I put into official use taxi boat service which is running between stations at Russei Keo in Phnom Penh to Takhmao city of Kandal. It was scheduled to charge money from 1 August. However, let me inform our people that (1) people may continue to use this taxi boat service free of charge from now to the end of 2018 […] and (2) since we have linked up rail line between Phnom Penh through to Poi Pet, I also inform our people that they may continue to use it free of charge for a whole line or parts of the line from now to the end of 2018 too […]

Serve People Better, Wider, More Effective, and More Benefits for People

I am calling on members of the Cambodian People’s Party to pay attention to the fact that it has become a heavier burden for us in the sixth legislative term. We must work hard to serve people with faithfulness. People have placed their trusts in the Cambodian People’s Party. We must not wait for the new Royal Government but from today already we must go back to serve people in local areas. Serve them and help them cope up with problems. Parts of our country are under flood of rain or seasonal Mekong this time of year. People are in need of effective public services. We must not be reckless for the victory. May I, as President of the Cambodian People’s Party, Prime Minister of the fifth legislative term, and future Prime Minister of the sixth legislative term, call on and instruct officials to serve people better, more extensive and effective, and ensure more benefits for the people […]

Could Not Hold Tears Seeing Old-Aged Voters

I almost could not hold my tear when I saw old-aged voters made their ways with handicap and physical difficulties to the voting stations. It is clearly indicating that a majority of people, especially those senior citizens made their ways to give votes to the Cambodian People’s Party. A mother who is sick and in hospital asked her children to help her go to the voting station before she returned for an operation in Calmette hospital. There are many more cases […] a grandmother said it out that she voted for Hun Sen […] (there has been exchanges on Facebook about older or younger people voting for the Cambodian People’s Party) some parties campaigned on policy to give older people so much money, etc. because they knew older people would not change their minds (about CPP) […] and it was also beyond belief that some politicians thought the increasing number of youth were all their supporters. There was a comment that there are youths who support the Cambodian People’s Party too […]./.