Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Factories Workers/Employees in Angsnuol District, Kandal province [Unofficial Translation]


Were There No Wars and Genocide, Cambodia Could Have Developed More

Cambodia could have made even more progresses were there be no wars in 1970s and the regime of genocide. Unfortunately the country went through wars from 1970 through to 1975, and the genocide from 1975 through to 1979. Everything was destroyed. We stood up and made efforts altogether to overthrow the regime of Pol Pot’s genocide. In this note, I do not forget to thank your grandparents/parents for taking a journey with me in the past nearly 40 years to restore life after the fall of the Pol Pot’s regime, to seek for political settlement, and to end war in Cambodia […]

A “Fool” Who Liberated the Country Since He Was 25 Years Old

… Some people insulted me to be a fool, a halfwit. Would there be a halfwit who can lead a national movement in his 25 years of age? I was even younger than you are, I became a leader of one of the biggest resistance movement in Cambodia to fight and bring down the Khmer Rouge. When I was 27 years old, I became Minister for Foreign Affairs. I became Deputy Prime Minister when I was 29 years old and Prime Minister when I was 32 years old. I am now 66 years old. Some said I look younger than my age […] if I were a fool, would people support me to lead this country up to the present? […] I never underestimate anyone to be incapable or a halfwit […] I started to map out Cambodian policy since I was 25 years old and it has been nearly forty years now from the day that I traded life to liberate the country […]

Amicability That Encourages Me to Stand Guarding People

Judging by your gestures, I have this feeling that you all have known me not one day, one month or one or two years. You have known me perhaps since when you grew into your adulthood. Even if you never see me, you may have heard/known my name already […] it is in this understanding that you have no hesitation to embrace me, to stand by me and take selfie […] such amicability and hospitality clearly ensures me that I have people who love/like me and I therefore feel encouraged to continue to stand guarding our people from more dangers […]

Last Segment of Rail from Pursat to Phnom Penh Functions

I am so happy for what has been happening in our country. Yesterday, the last segment of rail from Pursat to Phnom Penh has been put into use. It will serve as the last link for our train service to go from Phnom Penh to the border with Thailand, and even go into Thailand as well. This has given investors signal that transportation in Cambodia is getting better. From Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville people can go via national road 4 or 3, they can go by rail or by air, which also serve as traveling purpose from Siem Reap, and other destinations, to Sihanoukville too. As for transportation on national road 5, besides connection to Phnom Penh, that also have links to Poi Pet at the Cambodian-Thai border, plus we now have rail […]

Working for Docking of 60,000 DWT Ships

I wish to share with you the joy that we have just inaugurated our deep-water port to allow docking of the 50,000 DWT ships, while previously we were able to serve only ships of 10,000 DWT. In a few years ahead, we are working for docking of 60,000 DWT ships, and even 100,000 DWT too to avoid having to load in our port, and discharge to reload in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The Royal Government is doing its best to attract investments and to create jobs, while help reducing costs of transportation and electricity. This would allow investors to save some money and in turn they would share a part with our workers […]

Peace and Political Stability Attract Investments

We should be able to see that now our workers are benefiting from the minimum salary of 170 USD/month […] many countries are still paying less to their workers […] there is this question then if Cambodia paid more for workers, why then these investors are staying in Cambodia? Where the costs of transportation and electricity are high. I may have your attention that it was because Cambodia has peace and political stability, and that is the first and prime factor.

Capacity to Ensure Standards of Goods for Markets

Secondly, it stems from capacity of our workers to ensure standards of goods for markets where they export to. No one would have their investments in places where workers would not be able to ensure quality of goods […] it is in this note that I have always called on you to learn to perfect your skills to ensure standard quality for any goods we are making to help companies profit, and in return your salary and benefits would be improving therefore. We must work together to ensure that our country continues to be in peace to guarantee development and to safeguard jobs and incomes that you have and have been making […]

More Benefits to Declare on 7 July

On 7 July, you may want to keep your ears open, I will announce more benefits for workers and people. I would not let it out now. I will keep it for the campaign. I will tell what additional benefits the Royal Government is going to keep at their disposals for people in general, and for workers in particular […]

Big or Small, Every Parties Are Equal

Parties are working for national reconciliation. Some have been giving them colors. They now blame all 19 political parties as puppets, etc. Every political parties – big or small, are equal and they have freedom to do whatever they wish to formulate their policies for the country. People would just have to choose if they like to continue with the existing party or they would rather choose a new ones. No one should insult other parties for their sizes and policies. Those political parties are headed by intellectuals and have every rights to challenge for power. Some outdated politicians continue to crave for idea of anyone with them are patriotic, and anyone not supporting them are puppets (of other parties or foreign countries). That they continue to pursue such metaphor, how could they ensure national reconciliation? […]

Continue Seeking Premiership for another Ten Years At Least to Keep Peace

I will not give my consent to that. It is in this foresight that I declared to continue seeking premiership for another ten years at least. I am ready to fight those who attempt to bring destruction upon our nation, and some had even made his ambition for power that cost the country four provinces to foreign entities. I will continue till the end or till we all are becoming “wise men” (literally old and staying in pagoda) […] when they blame everyone not with them as puppets, would those people consent with the insult? Many would not […] you may note that should there be war, peace was no longer here, there would not be works and incomes. There would be only displacing movements to avoid war, and loss of lives for human, animals, destruction of houses, and properties […]

Suing a Military Person/s by Cambodians, There Would Be Legal Action

I want to send a message to Brad Adams that twelve (military persons) are not enough. We have in all 160,000 including the police (generals). The other day I mentioned only about the military […] army and police are tools of the state […] I may remind you that Cambodia is not under law of any foreign power and entities. Someone has come out and offered analysis that there should be investigations by prosecutors. There will not be any investigations whatsoever. It is an accusation filed from outside sources. If the people of Cambodia sue a military person/s, we will have legal actions in the Cambodian court. We will not take action because you foreigners say so. You may point your finger to your presidents of things s/he had done […] you have no right to just come around and say such and such about Cambodian leaders, police and army generals. It is a sovereign state here. I have right to issue you no visa too, either (you come) as a citizen of another state or as UN personnel. Look, when Myanmar denied their entries, what could they do to Myanmar? […] It is because foreigners designated themselves as boss to Cambodians that many Cambodians lost their lives. Cambodians no longer allow that kind of mastership […]

Things to Do for the Elections

I wish to take this opportune moment to say a few things because I will no longer make any speeches except reading and making some comments on 7 July – when we will launch the electoral campaign […] I am calling on related institutions to keep neutral political environment to make sure that there will be free, just and fair elections. Those in state institutions who suspended their works to join the campaigns must not use state property, fund and/or means of any kind in this purpose […] among all political parties, only the Cambodian People’s Party has access to those means and I forbid them to avoid using them […] we must make sure that no state property is involved in this political campaign, especially from the Cambodian People’s Party […]

We must make efforts to provide a free and fair competition environment before our people. As far as I know, parties can now buy TV spot times. All TV companies must ensure that they sell their broadcast times to every political parties without discrimination. The Cambodian People’s Party has already bought some air times except from the National TVK. TVK will have to work of an equal air times among political parties in this campaign […]

Another point I wish to raise here is that people must not confuse that information tickets generated and sent to you by the National Elections Committee are for seeking permission to vote […] I have rights to inform people about elections and its process. Information tickets provide voters information about their voting stations, etc. They are not meant to allow you to vote with it. You need your identity cards […] if you lose your ID cards, NEC will be the right place to sort it out […]

There will be soon a circular to prohibit as usual selling or drinking alcohol on the elections day. From midnight of 28 July to midnight 29 July, there is a notice to sell or take no alcohol. A group of people said that they would take alcohol and dance. Well, if they are not afraid of being put in cells. I am calling on people who sell alcohol to close their businesses in the period specified […] it is my duty as Prime Minister to make sure that Cambodia will go through elections that are peaceful, free from fear, and non-violent.

I am calling on authorities at every level to perform their duties equally for every political parties. As the Cambodian People’s Party, a ruling party, we must ensure that other parties field candidates safely in gatherings, show of strength, etc. We want to win the elections but as a ruling party we also have responsibility to take […] this or that party would win is one thing, making our nation wins is another. Let us work together to ensure free, fair, and just elections from beginning to end […]./.


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