Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Factories Workers/Employees in Angsnuol


Continue to Meet Workers for Ten More Years

I am so happy today to meet you all in Angsnuol district. This meeting has gathered some 27,000 workers/employees and tomorrow in this same place we will have another meeting of over 20,000 workers too. I think there will be some more in Angsnuol to meet. I hope to meet them after the elections. As I said on various occasions, should the Cambodian People’s Party win the elections, my schedule to meet with workers/employees will continue at least for another ten years. Should the Cambodian People’s Party fail the elections on 29 July 2018, I would no longer be Prime Minister and I therefore would not be able to continue such meeting. However, it is my hope that you will vote for the Cambodian People’s Party, for me, to continue to lead this country.

Grandparents/Parents Journeyed with CPP and Left Numerous Achievements

I wish to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for our workers and through you for your grandparents/parents who in the past nearly 40 years have journeyed together with me and the Cambodian People’s Party and left the country so many victories/achievements. I hope they are still alive. They must be proud to see what they have involved so far in making them happened. I am sure those achievements inherited from the time of your grandparents/parents would help you see what had happened in the past, what do we have now, and what we will achieve in the future […]

There Are Roughly as Many Factories in Kandal as in Phnom Penh

I am so glad to see so much we have achieved. You may check how many factories we had in the past in Kandal province, especially in this very location. It was a rice field and sometimes there were rice in drought without irrigation. Now this place has so many factories. The number of workers they are employing is second only to Phnom Penh. Neighboring with Phnom Penh, Kandal has gathered a large number of factories. To compare the figures, there are roughly as many factories in Kandal as in Phnom Penh […]

Extending Bus Line to Local Trade Centre in Angsnuol

Today let me affirm to you that based on request of Mr. Vong Seng, who has thought about connectivity to his trade center here in Angsnuol, we have decided to extend the city bus line for another four kilometers from the Phnom Penh Special Economic zone to this place. Yesterday, Phnom Penh mayor Khoung Sreng already saw to adding more buses and extending the requested section of the bus line. Thanks to this decision and action, workers here will benefit from traveling by bus free of charge for another two years […] HE Khuong Sreng is inspecting the possibility of increasing connectivity by bus to Takhmao and other areas to ensure our workers access to public transportation […]

Would Be a Strategic Mistake to Overlook Agriculture

Cambodia is a country with agricultural potential. It could have been a serious mistake should any leaders overlook agricultural role. It is in this understanding that through actions for socio-economic development, you may have noted numerous images left from the past when I visited various sites relating to land reform, bestowing people with their land ownership titles, after Pol Pot stripped them all […]

To Continue No Tax on Agricultural Land Policy

We will continue our policy to impose no tax on agricultural land of our people. There are not many countries in this world that let people work on agricultural land free of tax. The Cambodian People’s Party for the past nearly 40 years imposes no tax on people’s agricultural land. We have taken measures to expand irrigation ability. We have witnessed population increase from five or six millions after the liberation to a bigger number with less insufficient food to feed. We have made efforts to help our workers expand their land for cultivation, and for increasing agricultural production […]

From Subsistence Farming to Self-Assuring Progresses

Our farmers now can grow rice on million hectares of land of both rainy and dry seasons together. I am talking here only about rice. We have other agro-industrial crops too. We have made efforts to transform our country from food-insufficient to one that exports rice. We have helped our farmers to move from subsistence farming to making self-assuring progresses, from reaping only one season a year to more, and from reaping little yield to more and diversifying too. They cannot say we overlook agriculture […]

Breeding/Hatching Millions of Fish/Lobsters Every Year

I must thank Samdech Tia Banh for taking his time to represent me at the National Fish Day in Siem Reap. For this event, as Prime Minister I used to preside over and release fish into natural system. It was because of my busy schedule, I asked him to take my place. In addition to fish availability in the natural system, we have now reached a stage of breeding millions of fish/lobsters every year […] though so many works we have done, from one stage to another, we still see that there are more works to do, for instance, irrigation. We can say that we have scored major achievement in solving food shortage issue and secure over five million tons of paddy rice for export […]

For Processing Agricultural Produces

While exporting rubber, cassava and other agricultural crops, we are working to attract sort of industry to process raw agricultural materials. We have not neglected agriculture. Even at this time we are driving industry that is interacting strongly with agriculture. We work hard on investing in rice mills, warehouses, and capital to purchase rice from people. We are putting in factories to produce sugar so that people can grow and sell their sugarcanes. We do the same for cassava. We want to make sure that factories are marketplaces for agricultural crops of our workers […]

At 25% Share to GDP, Cambodia Exports Rice

We do not follow Pol Pot’s path where they focus only agriculture. We are working on agriculture, industry, and service sectors. I used to remind you that our share of agriculture to GDP was 25%, while 30% is coming from industry and 45% from service […] some people made their points that we overlook agricultural sector and neglect farmers for workers. They should not forget to check my activities in the past and on to the present […] previously we have a share of 80% from agriculture to GDP but our people were food insufficient. We imported food from other countries. Now with 25% share, we are not only food sufficient, but also a food surplus for export. We aim to strengthen our capacity to export agricultural processed products using raw materials available in the country. As you can see, policies to develop agriculture, industry, trade, and agro-industry are all intertwined […]

Billions USD Poured in National Economy

You may be reminded that in 1997, we had about 64 factories and there were 82,000 workers. They earned 40 USD a month. Those working in factories earlier than that would earn only 35 USD. We have now over 1,000 factories and over 830,000 workers. Their salaries has reached 170 USD a month, and is increasing to about 200 USD with other benefits included […] our workers’ salary has reached over 2,000 billion USD, and in addition to incomes from sources like agriculture, tourism, etc. we have billions more to pour into our economy and it has assured our national economy’s progress from day to day […]

Keeping Peace, Jobs/Income, Voting CPP

Peace is therefore of great value. I continue to appeal to our people to take part in making a correct decision aimed at keeping peace to guarantee development. The best way to assure peace, jobs and income is to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party. It is not an imagination. It is real and it is in your hands. Your jobs and incomes come from sacrifices and efforts of the Cambodian People’s Party and me, who leads the Royal Government […] you have wished me luck and health […] and it is well-wishing even to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party with its slot position number 20 on ballots so I will continue to work as Prime Minister to see through peace, development, and your benefits […]

They Will Tell You They Will Do Better Jobs

We are not insulting anyone. They may prove in their campaigns how best they would be, and they would go all the way to insult us and blame us for what we did. They would tell you they can do a better job. However, those are what they make you believe in their promises […] the Cambodian People’s Party and Hun Sen do not promise of such things. We did it and are doing it. Everything we have these days are not coming from their promises. They are happening under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party, Hun Sen and other leaders […]

Be cautious on Signs of Rise of HIV/AIDS

I am calling on our people for the alarming rise of HIV/AIDS carriers. There are signs that HIV/AIDS is on its rise. It is the concern of the Royal Government and I am calling on our people to exercise no discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients. I also ask those of you who are HIV/AIDS patients to refrain from spreading it to more people. For those of you who play with this concept of “being afraid of no AIDS, but of no AID,” I warn you that it is wrong. It is dangerous and a tragedy. HIV/AIDS in Cambodia had had a sharp fall rate. However, we have detected signs of its rice. We must pay attention on that […]

No Demonstration, No Fund from Abroad

Some has confused with this concept about free and independent trade unions that to be ones they have to carry out demonstration and such. In fact on May 1, how many of them would have walked carrying petitions in the street? To talk in percentage, it was not even 1% of the whole number of workers […] some let me know that if they do not hold demonstration they would not get fund from abroad. I wish to send a message to those fund providers that it is not always to carry our demonstrations to be free and independent trade unions. They should think about workers’ lives and working conditions […] having said that we are not neglecting our duty to address challenges of our workers […]

People Wanted Peace, Development, and Hun Sen to Journey On

We meet workers not only before the elections campaign. During the campaign period, I would go silent for a while. I will not do any statement or speech unless it will be very necessary, when I may use some tradition and social media to address concerned issues. I will make a political statement at the start of the electoral campaign and perhaps also the closing. We will then have this elections. If the Cambodian People’s Party wins the elections, I will resume my visit and meeting with workers […] I am determined to continue journey with you for another ten more years at least. As I said earlier, if the Cambodian People’s Party fails, I would leave this jobs to the successive Prime Minister. I will end it all by then. However, I am sure that no party could have defeated the Cambodian People’s Party for reasons that people wanted to keep peace, development, and Hun Sen to journey on together […]./.


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