Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Ground-breaking Ceremony to build Overpasses and Underpasses at Chaom Chao Round About [Unofficial Translation]


The Sixth Overpasses Put into Use

I am so glad today to join with all of you to launch the ground-breaking ceremony to build overpasses and underpasses at the Chaom Chao roundabout, which is the sixth ones built and out into use in Phnom Penh. It is the fifth one built by private company of Cambodian overseas. Phnom Penh was called the ghost city in time of war and especially after the regime of genocide. In nearly forty years we have turned the city into one of development – both in sizes and in depth […]

Three Congestions in Phnom Penh

As is raised by HE Khuong Sreng, Mayor of Phnom Penh, and I also have said it on various occasions that there are three congestions in this capital. Firstly, we have traffic congestions. It is true. On my way here I have noticed that if the police do not block side streets and there were no police car to lead the way, I would not have arrived here in time. Secondly, we have congestions of drainage system. In a few days now we have had so much rain making parts of the city flooded […], and thirdly, congestion of wastes […] frankly speaking, from 1979, when I entered Phnom Penh, through to 1980s, I never thought we would need overpasses like in other countries […] as there were no traffics and not much activities and means of transportations […] Phnom Penh was a quiet city.

Buddhist Prophecies: Homes with No One to Live In, Streets with No One to Walk In

Even in home of Prime Minister, there was no running water of any kind. In my case, we did not have water not only in 1979 or 1980, but until 1992. We use truck to pump water and load it from the Mekong. It was a difficult situation. This has reminded us of the time when Pol Pot sent city dwellers out to the countryside. It was an incident that corresponded to Buddhist prophecies that go “where there are homes but there are no one to live in, and there are streets but no ones to walk in.” It did take place in Cambodia. In older days, my grandparents and parents always brought those prophecies up among us and for logical reason, I always refused and denied them […] we have no way of knowing that such thing could be true […]

CPP Saved 5 Million Lives, Foster Population Increase to 16 Million

Through joint efforts, we have made it happened. Everyone can see that the Cambodian People’s Party is the one to revive the nation. It not only saved lives of roughly 5 million people remaining from Pol Pot’s massacre in 1979, it also foster population growth to some 16 million in 2018. Grandma Chin Ran, 79, has made it here today. My son and bodyguards told me about her and her family of 40 people in all who voted for the Cambodian People’s Party […] we have one more election on 29 July, and I hope you are in good health and vote again with your families. You should be here with us till 2023 and we will go on till 2028 […] it is a good thing that she made known to her children bitter past of our country […]

From Water, Electricity, Means Shortages to Roads, Drainage, Wastes Congestions

I am so grateful to our people to have shared hardships from when we liberated the country and prevented return of the regime of Pol Pot’s genocide, as well as sought for peace, especially our final efforts to implement win-win policy to bring about national reconciliation and national unity for the first time in the last hundreds years of Cambodian history. Phnom Penh is no longer a ghost and/or sleeping town. As a city in development, we have encountered new challenges. In 1980s, we came across issues in its own term. There were difficulties and favourable conditions of its own. We had shortages of running water, electricity, and means of transportations in those days […] as of now, new challenges arise congestions of traffics, drainages, and wastes. You may ask a question here as to why? […]

National Roads 3 and 4 to Widen to 24 Meters in Width

… Should we not build overpasses and underpasses here in Chaom Chao, we would not foresee how we could be solving this traffic congestion issue. Take for instance the national road 3 which intersect this roundabout, we also have to widen it to four lanes – two lanes to and two lanes from […] With credit from Korea, we once widen it to ten meters width. Even with this size, we now have to increase the width to 24 meters width […] we will do the same for the national road 4 to anticipate traffics and transportation of all kinds to and out of the roundabout of Chaom Chao area. Today is Friday, congestions starts from this evening at Chaom Chao because after works, people will leave Phnom Penh through here to Kompong Som and Kompot, the cities along the sea, for their weekends […]

A Sky Train Discussed with Japan, A Third Phnom Penh Belt-Road Signed with China

We will need to build not only this overpasses and underpasses at Chaom Chao but more in other locations […] in my visit to Japan, I discussed with Japanese Prime Minister about a possibility to build a line of sky train from Phnom Penh to the International Airport of Phnom Penh. We have been working on building the second belt road around Phnom Penh city and in the near future we will sign an agreement with the People’s Republic of China to build a third belt road […] more studies are being made and on 7 July, starting of the electoral campaign period – eight days away, I will announce new policies of more interests to our people. Some of the projects are undergoing and some have already completed their studies […]

Narrowing/Deepening Canals, Offering Ownerships/Titles to Residences along Canals

… In addition to this, for people who reside along the sewage canals, the Phnom Penh authority has been doing everything they can to now make their settlement legal. We will narrow down the width but deepen the depth of canals, for instance the Stoeng Meanjei canal area. They should not have concerns any more. The Royal Government already gave permissions to the Phnom Penh Municipality to act on this matter of sizing down width and deepen depth of the canals, and to offer legal recognition and ownerships to your residences […] they should not say that Hun Sen is doing this to draw votes. Those settlers may choose to vote for whoever they wanted to. They just have something to themselves to think about, who would build concrete and deepened canals to transform areas where they live […] it is a win-win situation. We cannot move these people out as it would create other issues too […]

Concrete Water Canals for Irrigation After 2023

I have an ambitious plan as far as canals are concerned. I wish to decrease the width of waterways that are not necessary to regain land for cultivation. I means those canals that are not used for transportation. For some canals we cannot do so because they are not only for irrigation but also for transportation. You may want to look at it again. This issue was brought up in 1985 in one of the congress of the Cambodian People’s Party. We talked about building canals that cater to irrigation and transportation […] we will build concrete ones to provide water for irrigation […] perhaps that will happen after 2030. That is my vision and I just wish to share it with new younger generation leaders […] we will have concrete canals built a bit higher so water pumped into them can just empty itself into rice fields […]

Regular Multi-Party Elections

We are conducting regular multiparty elections. This time around we will have twenty of them. I hope that they will be free, fair and just elections. I am calling on our authorities – national and sub-national to create and offer favourable conditions for political parties to carry out their activities. We still have acts of some dissolved parties to destroy the elections, but I am sure they will fail because the Cambodian people will exercise their rights to vote, not only for the Cambodian people, but for parties they supported. Every party has their own supporters […] I hope that our people will continue to support the Cambodian People’s Party. The only way to guarantee peace and development is to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party […] whose candidacy for the post of Prime Minister is me, Hun Sen. I will continue with this endeavour to 2023, and also to 2028, or at least, as I said, ten more years … I am still fit and strong […]./.