Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Inauguration of a Buddhist Temple and Achievements in Preah Indra Samakithor, and Showering in Bestowment of “Samdech” Titles for Two Deputy Directors of the Dhammayuttika Nikaya​​ [Unofficial Translation]


Samdech Maha Sangharaja (Supreme Patriarch) Teb Vong of Maha Nikaya and Samdech Maha Sangharaja Buor Kri of Dhammayuttika Nikaya of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Respected Samdech and venerable Buddhist monks, and dear compatriots.

Carrying Out Event before Campaign Is Due

[…] (Along with the fact that I prefer to carry out Buddhist event on waxing moon than waning one) we cannot prolong this event because the country will reach its general elections campaign on 7 July 2018. I will not be able to take part in event in which I would have to hand out gifts to Buddhist monks and senior citizens, or to provide resources to realize achievements. It will be in an elections campaign that the National Elections Committee prohibits such handouts […] after the elections, we also will come to start of rainy season, when Buddhist monks need a temple to carry out religious activities […] though in such a hurry, we still have some projects to complete. We will continue with it. We will get them done phase by phase. However, today, we have the Buddhist temple ready for monks to practice religious ceremony and to be ready for Katina next year […]

Harmonization of Religions

As we have here today presences of both fraternities of Buddhism in Cambodia – the Maha Nikaya and Dhammayuttika Nikaya – in my capacity as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, I am calling on all to seek to guarantee religious harmony. Religious harmonization must be a principle in every religions, not just Buddhism, to avoid religious conflict in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Though Maha Nikaya may have more followers, sizes and number of monks should not be obstacle to religious practice or national development. They both are fraternities in Buddhism […]

Constitution Defines Two Principal Fraternities of Theravada Buddhism

For instance, today, we have the presences of the two Samdech supreme patriarchs. I wish to enlighten this matter to avoid misunderstanding from those who follow the Maha Nikaya Theravada Buddhism on why the Prime Minister spends so much money as contribution for the showering ceremony for Samdech Supreme Patriarch Buor Kri, etc. Please look what we have written in the Constitution. There is a sentence concerning the throne council, a body which has the power to choose HM the King, in which the two fraternities of Theravada Buddhism are members, in addition to President and the two Vice Presidents of the Senate, President and the two Vice Presidents of the National Assembly, and Prime Minister […] I think I have made it clear for our people who follow Maha Nikaya Theravada Buddhism and I am seeking no division among both […]

A Buddhist Pagoda that Serves Secular World

I have much appreciation to see that this Buddhist pagoda has been serving interest of secular world […] while they have no place for monks to stay, they have made it available for students. I have also noticed with heartfelt appreciation that teachers carrying out their duties here had been once paid by the Buddhist monks and they were not listed in the state payroll […] I then had instructed to enlist the 33 teachers to relieve them from our Buddhist monks’ financial burden. I have high evaluation for their sacrifices. As every part of the pagoda’s buildings were ragtag, they have made rather good classrooms for students. This Buddhist pagoda has been serving interest of secular world more in term of providing human resource training opportunity for poor student […] I have just instructed the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports to enroll 27 more of their teachers […] so they can continue to teach and the Buddhist monks here will not have to take care of financial matter […]

Voting Cambodian People’s Party to Keep Peace and Continue Development

Running eyes on the scouts here, it reminds me of scouts in Sihanoukville, where they clap their two hands thrice. It should be a remarkable clapping method. There are five fingers on one hand. One clap of two hands, there are ten fingers together. When we do two claps, there will be twenty fingers in them. (Twenty) is the slot position of the Cambodian People’s Party in the ballots […] I hope that members of the Cambodian People’s Party will learn to clap their hands twice to symbolize number 20 […]

People in Angsnuol district – those of you in Samraong, in Lomhach, etc. have always voted in high rate for the Cambodian People’s Party. I hope that in this elections too they will continue to vote for peace and development. Voting for the Cambodian People’s Party, people will be able to keep peace and ensure development […] they will not live in concern and fear of war, and the person who have and will be guaranteeing peace and development is standing and talking to you now […]./.


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