Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers/Employees in the District of Samaki Meanjei, Kompong Chhnang Province [Unofficial Translation]


Trilateral Efforts for Development

I am so grateful to your welcoming and friendliness. I am taking this opportune moment to express my sincere thanks to owners of factories for their permissions for workers/employees to gather and meet me. They also have offered workers/employees to have an evening off today with pay. This has indicated solidarity between factories owners and workers, and the Royal Government, which are three interconnected relations – Royal Government, private sector, and workers – for development of the country.

Win-win Strategy Ended War and Succeeded Two Strategies

That we are meeting in Kompong Chhnang today, not in Phnom Penh, is quite a statement about Cambodia’s progress. Have there been any factories in Kompong Chhnang and jobs for workers? This has clearly indicated that I have succeeded in transforming battlefields into marketplaces and development areas. Everywhere in Cambodia in the past was at war and there was even genocide. When I succeeded in making peace, ending war through the win-win policy, I put out two major strategies – transforming battlefields into marketplaces and development areas; and transforming borders into ones of peace, cooperation, and development […]

About 10% of Land Still Off-Limit for Mines

I have succeeded in realizing development inside the country. We have about 10% of our land that are not yet receiving development projects. You may ask why? It is because we are not sure yet if they are cleared of mines and UXOs. It is essential for us to be sure that our people would not step on mines in their search for land for cultivations. We keep those land off limit provisionally and will return them to our people for agricultural activities and/or other purposes when we finish clearing mines and UXOs […]

Three-days Break for Workers to Go to Vote

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has issued a notification that you are allowed to have a three-day break on 28, 29, and 30 July to go to vote. I have already negotiated this with the garment association. It is your holiday on 29 July – a Sunday. You can make it up on Monday … after going to cast your votes […]

Service Sector Includes Rooms Renting and Food Selling for Workers/Employees

You may know by now that in any country there will have to be employers and workers. Cambodia is not yet an industrialized nation. In some (industrialized) countries, there are not many farmers. They have more workers. We must make further efforts altogether to our country developed in agriculture, industry, and services. Talking about services, it may include also those of you who provide housing for rent, sell food, etc. for workers/employees […]

War Makes Refugees Problem

We must make more efforts to defend our country and to keep peace and political stability for the sake of guaranteeing development. You may look at some countries for what have happened when they are at wars. In days now, there have been this incident of separation between children and parents at the US-Mexican border areas […] though this matter takes place in the US, it has impacts on others relating to issue of refugees. You may remember that in time of war, our people had become displaced people inside our own country. Some of us later took refuge to other countries. Our people fled to Vietnam, to Thailand, and to Laos … (because of war and) especially of the Pol Pot’s regime of genocide. In Europe these days, countries have had problems of refugees’ influx from countries in the Middle East and Africa. Measures are taken to punish any member countries that refuse to take refugees in […]

Parties Provoke Hun Sen for Own Publicity

[…] (Parties have gone around, whispered or talked to people) but they are all promises that have yet to come true. The truth has been ones that the man on this podium is talking about […] the Cambodian People’s Party, who has majority and led the National Assembly, the Senate, and the Royal Government, has continued to extend my candidacy for the Prime Minister’s post […] let me send a message to those who wish to provoke Hun Sen to elevate ones’ positions to seek other means. I have given out some tips to some people. As of this moment on, I will give no more. Some parties have resorted to attacking me, the Cambodian People’s Party, to provoke my reactions. With that they wish to have publicity. It is hopeless because […]

All CPP Needs to Do Is to Defend Its Policies

Let me instruct leaders of the Cambodian People’s Party to trade no words with anyone parties at all. We are the ruling party and it is clearly their works to criticize our policies. We do not have to fight back. All we need to do is to defend our policies. Take for example, policies in industry, building factories in Kompong Chhnang is right or wrong? Localizing factories to provinces is right or wrong? Building roads and bridges, hospitals, pagodas, schools, is right or wrong? We sorted out with neighboring countries on border issues and plant border poles is right or wrong? We make peace and evade war is right or wrong? […]

Free for Policies Competitions, But No Criticism Please

They may debate about our policies. We are open for competition. What parties should try to avoid is to do things that is beyond concern of Hun Sen or the Cambodian People’s Party, but of the National Elections Committee (NEC). NEC may decide what to do for improper actions … they may give a fine. NEC had once fined our candidates in Kompot province. We also have been given some ten million Riel of fine from a party that insulted us “thieves stealing from the nation.” They may debate policies and we do not prohibit them from talking about it. We are open. I have issued policies to transform battlefields into market places and development areas, even to have factories in Kompong Chhnang, was it right or wrong? We now have electricity network running through and across Kompong Chhnang to Pursat, to Batambang, to the border with Thailand, and back to Siem Reap, was it right or wrong? We are working on bringing down prices of electricity in a near future […]

Rise Up Against Me If Policies/Profits Are Withdrawn

To end the war, it was more than just a childish game. There were three points that ensure achievement of peace. To invest in infrastructures to make sure equal development inside the country was not a simple matter. It is not just a reference book. We implement it. The Cambodian People’s Party has enough human resource to carry the job through. It is true that everything has had its shortcomings … (we will keep dealing with them). Some have gone around spreading rumors that every social protections and policies laid out would be implementing only until the elections are over […] I affirm to you here and in the whole country that if those social protections and benefits policies are to be withdrawn, as they had said, you may rise up against me, take me down, […] I will step down […]

With Problem People Ask for Me, Now Am Asking Them for Votes

Samdech Chaova Vang Kong Sam Ol is the member of the National Assembly of the Cambodian People’s Party in this constituency. Please vote for him. You vote for the Cambodian People’s Party, you will vote for him, for me to continue working as your Prime Minister. I place my hope in you. I will continue for another ten years and it will be up to you to tick on your ballots […] every time people have problems, they hold up photos of me and my wife, no matter where, under sun or rain. Now I am asking you back for votes. You asked schools, roads, etc. from me. I am asking for votes from you […]./.