Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen​ at the Celebration of the (20th) March-3 National Culture Day, and the Closing of the (Fourth) Nationwide Youth Arts [Unofficial Translation]

In addition to the prepared text, Samdech Techo Hun Sen made the following selected adlib comments:
Let me clarify why do we celebrate the March-3 National Culture Day on March 6 instead? Our aim here is to gather together people involved in arts at the invitation of Prime Minster of the Kingdom of Cambodia. However, I have made a point to the Minister of Culture and Fine Arts that should the March-3 befall on weekend, many of our artists and performing artists careers would be busy with their prior engagements with TV stations and/or other shows, etc. We have to celebrate it on weekday instead. By doing so, I am sure that we will gather more people of arts and performing arts involved professions to meet […]
I wish to make a statement once again that in my capacity as Prime Minister, every year, I will invite artists and performing artists for such a celebration. I think we will be able to do this for not less than ten more years. After my departure (in ten more years) the new one to take my position will do it his/her way […] I have so many annual gatherings such as religions and sportsmen/women, for whom I celebrate on 4 April of the year. However, this year, there will be a summit of leaders of the International Mekong Committee in Siem Reap, for which I will have to leave on that day, we will have reschedule the pre-dated event […]
It has been nearly forty years now that we have been together and worked together. I am taking this chance to convey my sincere thanks to our professionals of all forms and generations of artists and performing artists, who have created this status of a good mixture of elders and younger ones. I am taking this moment to express my sincere thanks to supports and chance given to me to lead the Kingdom of Cambodia in a period of nearly forty years. I have strong hope that with supports offered by the Royal Government led by the Cambodian People’s Party (to artists and performing artists), I hope that our arts professionals will continue to support the Cambodian People’s Party and me as Prime Minister […]
… We have a friendly gathering here. Though my wife and I cannot share tables with everybody, we have leaders of the Royal Government sitting around. I hope we continue to have this event in the time to come […] since we all are dining, I am not sure if there would be any arts professionals left to entertain the evening. Maybe, (Minister of Public Works and Transports) HE Sun Chanthol, a good singer, could do that for you. I am sure that we will have a wider gathering with more arts professionals and career people taking parts […]./.


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