Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen​ at the Inauguration of Achievements in the Pagoda of Tchouk Va, Phnom Penh [Unofficial Translation]

Religions Teach Human to Do Good Deeds

… People sacrificed a lot for achievements in Buddhism. Buddhism in particular and every religions as a whole teach and advise people to do good deed and to abide by the state law. They never teach humans to do bad things. They always say doing good deeds to achieve merits in the future. In reality, people benefit from their good deeds not only in future life, but in this life. Anyone who perform good deeds would receive affection and respects from society and others […]

Going to Australia for ASEAN-Australian Summit

I wish to take this opportune moment to deliver a political message that I hope that Samdech, venerable monks, and Buddhist monks, Excellencies, ladies, and compatriots will not object me doing so. What I am going to say is for our people inside and those abroad.

The media has run this news … Reuters has also run it that (a chief traitor) said “he is ready to have dialogue with the Hun Sen Government to seek a peaceful solution, acceptable to both sides and with international guarantees, to the crisis …” I am asking them what have they done to seek a negotiation with me? You betrayed the nation and people. Let me tell you that more than half of Hun Sen’s life, his heart and actions have always been for negotiation and not for war. In the war time, I was the one to seek for a negotiation. There seems to be a thought that when I am leaving Cambodia to Australia, there will be a negotiation with the opposition.

I wish to make it clear that my heart is open for political dialogue but there must be a clear delineation on those who are still in legal suits and thereby have no rights to negotiate with Hun Sen. They will have to wait for the court to make decisions. Those who have been stripped off political rights by the court as well as those sentenced to be in prison but have not yet served it, have no rights to negotiate with Hun Sen. Please do not be confused. That I am going to Australia is not for negotiation with traitors. I will go to Australia to participate in the ASEAN-Australia Summit […] as one of the ASEAN leaders […]

Open for Negotiation with Parties That Do Not Betray the Country

I will give chance for negotiation or political dialogue to political parties that are not betraying our nation and are not dissolved. Some have written me letters, and I guessed, also to Acting Head of State Say Chhom, and the President of the Supreme Court. There was a message to me on WhatsApp seeking my assistance to reinstate political rights for the 118 politicians. Let me clarify for you in a legal way. As of present, we have not got a law to pardon those who are stripped off political rights yet. That is different to those serving the court sentences, whereby Prime Minister would have right to propose to HM the King to provide pardon […] things have come this far is because of your actions.

You intended to overthrow the legitimate Royal Government, and you have committed treacherous actions one after the other. Let me inform you that for the letter that you had sent me, I wrote on it that “retain it. No need to reply.” Literally, it means keep it as a documentation […] while waiting for my wife, I came to a message addressing to me – “Dear Respected Uncle, I wish to share a news with you before your departure to Australia. Some of us among the 118 (politicians) wish to have our rights reinstated. Would you please be informed and consider our requests. Respectfully Yours.” […]

“No” to the One Seeking Negotiation

As for those who seek for negotiation, I have no reason to do it with you. From the legal point of view, there is no reason to do so. Prior to asking for negotiation, what have you done for the country and for me? You have nurtured hope that foreigners will pressure Hun Sen. Some even said the United Nations will send in troops to Cambodia […] You may continue to keep up with your hope. Have you failed that you asked for negotiation? You have insulted me beyond my ability to forgive. You appealed to the armed forces to return their guns at the Royal Government. It is unforgiveable. Finally, you gave more heat to everything by burning effigy of Hun Sen in many places. You claimed that Hun Sen is now isolated, and meeting with opposition in the party, among the people and from the army. Why does he need to talk to Hun Sen? I guess I do not possess enough value to have negotiation with you […]

Foreign Friends to Organize No Dialogue with Opposition

You know that the one with keys to everything is Hun Sen but you made up stories of Hun Sen […] therefore I am of no value for you to talk to. In Cambodia, were there no green light form Hun Sen, no one would dare negotiate with you […] my message to you now is I possess not sufficient value to you to negotiate with […] foreign friends who wish for the dialogue to happen, please look at the background of the issue. They organized protests in many countries demanding a punishment on Cambodia, workers to rebel, and the army to turn their guns at Hun Sen […] let me tell you, your evaluation of the Cambodian situation has never been right. As of this moment, people would not care who is or is not in the prison, or what party is dissolved. All they need is to do businesses, cultivate, trade, etc. Like today, they are celebrating Buddhist ritual, and do not care about you […]

I am sending a message to foreign friends should they wish to organize such a dialogue with them, I must say I will not accept it. Please do not bring this up with me. I will not accept any dialogue with any foreign parties who wish to lure me into such negotiation. As of this moment, there are many political parties that are newly founding and strengthening their positions for the general elections on 29 July 2018. You have started with a policy of “where there is you, there would not be me.” You remember it. You did not change it. It is late now. Order to burn effigies were all from your machine of national traitors. All in all, Hun Sen is not worth “your negotiation or dialogue” partner. I did not say you are not worth it. I am demoting myself to the value you gave me through your insult […]

It was his lucky day that I had not seen the VDO clip that was made in 2013. They then said that they made 29 December 2013 their final assault to overthrow the Royal Government. It was your lucky day. Should I have the VDO in a timely manner, it could have been the end of you because I would have the need to defend a state. I had then to neutralize the command post […] there would be only two choices, either one of us will go. I will not let anyone killing me. Be merciful for enemy is cruel to oneself […] in time of dialogue mode, after having dinner together, he made two unacceptable things abroad. Firstly, he said Hun Sen was aware of his defeat that “he introduced children to my children.” It was he who flew his children from Switzerland and America to Cambodia for them to have chance to meet each other […] Secondly, he told activists that to arrest a thief one has to go near one […] by what he has done again and again, I am not worth his dialogue partner […]

There Won’t Be a Second Paris Accord

Please do not hope for a second Paris accord. No country will be that absent minded with him. The Paris Peace Accord ended since when the Constitutional Assembly became the National Assembly on 24 September 1993 […] Do not hope for a second Paris accord. I will not negotiate with you and there will be no country to put pressure on a sovereign state too. The Security Council does not consist only countries that support you […] it is not up to you to bring just anything to the Security Council, to suspend the UN seat, to chase the Hun Sen’s Government from the United Nations. Your mistakes have been the gravest. I am sending a message to those who burn effigies that your action is one of the reasons why I cannot negotiate with you. I did not trick you to do so to deny a dialogue but it has illustrated clearly your intention and nature […]

I Will Honor Australia

Our work now is to continue peaceful national development. Our people are getting themselves ready for the Khmer New Year and for the elections. My message to those activists who have been communicating with each other about negotiations is that there will be none. I will meet with more than a thousand compatriots who will come to welcome me […] I have news that President Duterte of the Philippines will not go to the Summit. He will send his representative. I do not know whether Madame Aung San Su Kyi is going or not since there have been so many criticisms about Rohingya. I also do not know if Prayuth Chan O-cha of Thailand will go since he received so much criticism. As for me, I affirm that I myself will go. I will send no representative. I wish to honor Australia. Australia used to ask me to help elevate its status to higher annual dialogue partner as I did for India to bring India for the ASEAN-India Summit for the first time in Phnom Penh, when I was chairing ASEAN […]

Australia wished that I would do the same. I always support Australia. When Australia wanted to have a commemorative summit with ASEAN, I support quickly. I will go. But I send a message to those who may have thought that there will be a political dialogue with the opposition in Australia that there will be none […]

A US University Requests for National Salvation Documentary

… At around 1 am, I received on Telegram a letter. We have shown this documentary on “March for National Rescue” in episodes. Its dialogue was originally made in English but when it comes to Cambodia, we dubbed it in Khmer with English subtitles. There is now a university in the US requesting for it. There is nothing wrong about it […] it is a useful documentary about our history […]./.