Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Meeting with Workers/Employees at the Sanhan Market Area [Unofficial Translation]

Phnom Penh Today, New Year – New Salary and Advantages

Please allow me to convey my warmest welcome to workers and factories owners and on behalf of the Royal Government and myself, I extend my greeting and pleasure to our workers for being present today and wish them all further new achievements and peaceful lives for the New Year of 2018. The weather today seems to be cool, and … I have to get my jacket on […] those looked at the Cambodian situation against the sunlight would see a not-good Cambodia, but those looked at it from a right angle would see a good one […]

Cambodia is a Buddhist country but also observes the international New Year […] on that day I had a chance to look on Phnom Penh from the Vatanak building. It reminded me of a different Cambodia that I saw since 1979 or 1980, where there were small lights from kerosene lights everywhere. We had only some 30 megawatts electricity those days. As of present, Phnom Penh consumed electricity over 800 megawatts. It is a big increase. It has made Phnom Penh as big and far as the eyes can see […]

It could be the first year that people from countryside came to visit Phnom Penh on this occasion and not many Phnom Penh dwellers went to Phnom Penh. There were this problem of traffic congestion. In some places, I heard, was stuck until about 2 am. It happened even only about 60% of transports means in Phnom Penh were out in the streets. If 100% of them were, people could have left their cars or motorcycles and walked home […] some, according to news, had decided to stay at hotels for the night […]

However, we are welcoming the New Year with new salary and advantages. I am taking this opportune moment to express my sincere joy with our workers, who have their basic salary increased from 153 USD/month to 170 USD/month, along with those of civil servants, and the armed forces in the whole Kingdom of Cambodia. We have reached a new stage in every works that we have done, and thanks to our efforts in the past years that we have good presents to the year being […]

Resolving Challenges of Cambodia, But Also Those of Region and World

… It is true that no one country in this world is moving forward without meeting and addressing new challenges. The other day I was talking about the country’s progress. Some people picked only part of my speech and reacted – “Cambodia has made progress but there are still challenges.”  I wish to send a message to them analysts and writers that they may remember even their own lives and those of their families, there are always challenges.  No one is challenge free. No country in this world is challenges free. The US is the most powerful country still their economy is facing up challenges. The current President is doing everything he can to cut back unnecessary expenses (abroad) and to increase those locally. I accept that every country in the world must undergo readjustments of some kinds.

I urge them to listen to what I had to say from beginning to end to get what I mean. When you listened and picked only a chunk of information from my speech, you may not be able to make correct judgments … at least, in one more year, I will have been in power for 40 years, let alone being Prime Minister for 33 years. To the very least, I have had more experiences in state and social managements, resolving challenges […] I have resolved challenges not only of Cambodia, but those regional and world issues as well. It is not a rebuke on New Year but I had to respond to a remark in newspaper that despite progresses made, there are still challenges […] I hope that everyone, state institutions, and family will see that there are challenges up ahead […]

History Documentary on March to Rescue Nation

Tonight there will be show of a documentary film on National TV channel relating to our historic event leading to saving our nation that started on 20 June 1977. It will remind us of tragedy reflected in that historic event leading to survival of our people at that time. Producers will continue to display survival and lives of our people after the liberation from the Pol Pot’s regime genocide to the present. I hope the film will contribute to providing historic facts for viewers […]

There was a Facebook user commenting in my posting about half a year ago, when I talked about tragic passing of my first born child on 10 November 1976, that it was just a past, (I should) forget about it […] in short, I replied “you may have to forget who your parents are” because it was also the past. With such comment, would we need to be associating with them? These people know nothing of gratitude and wrongdoings. Were they also celebrating any ritual of any kind at all for their parents? […]

Win-win Policy Brings the Country’s Peace and Development

We have learnt so many lessons from the past. I thank your parents and grandparents, and you in particular, for contributions in liberating this country from the regime of Pol Pot and preventing its return, and in implementing national reconciliation policy, through negotiations for political settlement. At a later stage, I thank those supports given on win-win policy that brought the country full peace, and for which we have set 29 December 1998 as the day when we, the younger generation ended the 18-years war fired by previous generation on 18 March 1970. I was not responsible in making that war in Cambodia but I was the one, together with other leaders of the Cambodian People’s Party, taking responsibility to end it. That effort had won wide-ranging support in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

It was stemming that win-win policy that our country enjoyed the chance of development and bringing down the country’s poverty. Overall, (at the time of liberation) the country’s poverty rate was 100%. By 2014, we had pulled the rate down to 13%, and with a rate of lowering one percent per annum in an average economic growth of 7.7%, by this time, we could say that it had come down to about 10%. We started from the lowest per capita income and poorest (country) to become one in lower-middle income group. We stepped out of food insecurity and insufficient clothing and made a statement as a country that export food to foreign countries […]

No Insults on Workers

… Why there was a need for me to see those of you in administration, those responsible for sectors, groups, and assistants. The main purpose was to seek harmonization between those responsible on workers. I have specifically asked them not to insult and scold workers […] they must not insult and scold workers because workers also have their rights. Responsible persons in every factory must listen carefully to this statement. Cambodia is not a country for just any other to lambaste. They may not hit our heads in and out. Our people too, especially in the context of our workers, no matter how high one may rank, they must not reproach them with bad words […] I heard factories owners said in their efforts to resolve this matter that they would expel those who would do that. I support their decisions […]

No Going in Opposite Traffic, Less Traffic Accidents in 2018

… I am appealing to people traveling through Monument of Independence area. There seemed to have been a new line of traffic in front of the Prime Minister house (going in opposite traffic) […] Tonight TV3 will show the clip. I wonder (if the police) did not see them. It is a very important place. Everyone comes here. Tourists come here. It is a place where we held big national events. HM the King also comes to this place. (The statue of) Samdech Preah Borom Ratanakaod is also present […] I am not going to rebuke our people but those involved in reinforcing laws. Why did they not see this? How many city mayors have gone into retirements? How many Khan Daun Penh governor had gone into retirements? As far as this matter is concerned, should anything happen, the first to go off his position is the governor of Khan Daun Penh […]

The year 2018 must be one that we will have reduced number of traffic accidents and drug addiction cases. I am calling on all young people to stop these activities […] (Disorderly parking and traffic in the monument of independence area) should not be left anarchic like that. They may go and see for themselves. Traffic accident started from no one respects traffic law, drunk driving, and untrained driving […] Last night I also advise my children not to cut short traffic to enter the house. They have to go around in flow of traffic. I also had a talk with baby sitters in my house to ask drivers to respect the traffic […] if children of Prime Minister do not respect it, no one will […] I should not have brought this up in this time of joy but I really wish to see no more deaths from traffic accident in 2018 […]

Tricycle Pushers/Drivers Fund to Establish

I request to the health sector to allow tricycle workers to have access to free-of-charge checkup and treatment in state hospitals. I will set up a fund to support tricycle driving […] Today I am declaring that all tricycle workers who are sick can also find treatment free of charge in state hospitals. We will proceed to figuring out what benefits tricycle drivers would have from such fund. They are non-registered sector workers but they need to have some kind of identifications to present for health check and treatment allowances. I will place a sum of 100 million Riel in this fund and will add another 10 million Riel per month. Everyone is welcome to contribute. It will be fund to support tricycle drivers … Vorn Peo, who leads non-registered sector workers agreed with my idea to set up this fund […] Officials involved in putting this fund up could invite Vorn Peo for consultation on statute, etc. Let us welcome every input […]

I am asking younger generation to use tricycle not to drive them but to recognize and preserve them. Mostly foreign tourists get a drive on them, not the Cambodians.  Look, in France, they have horse carts for tourists too. We must help preserve this trade […] when they no longer be able to earn from driving them, what benefits shall we get for them. State hospitals should provide them with free-of-charge treatment. When they make no more income from the trade, what assistance shall we get for them? These are not from state coffer. It is from generous people. We have about 200 tricycles left. I think we can help them. We now include tricycle drivers in the social protection policies as those we provide to non-registered sector workers, like construction workers […]

Democracy Does Not Die Because of Absence of Some People

Cambodia is not dying. Some people behave as if democracy is going to die because of their absences. The country will have elections whether they exercise their voting rights or not. No matter what the elections will go on.  I have no need to go into war of words with anyone. Some have claimed to be “father of the Cambodian People’s Party.” I replied that amendment of the constitution from a two-third majority to 50+1 regime was a wish of all – them and us. Why would they just see it now? If they have been this retarded, how could they wish to be leader of Cambodia? […]./.