Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Inauguration of the Bun Rany-Hun Sen Charya Vong Secondary School Buildings [Unofficial Translation]


From Former Battles to Development Areas

It is a great chance for our people in the province of Kep to work on development. The present Kep is starkly different from the one that we initially set up in 1992, when we separated it from the province of Kompot and made it a city here. It would be even more different to compare it to when we first liberated our country in 1979. Such a development has not been a benefit for only people in Kep but also for our country as a whole. Our hard-won peace has provided us development everywhere in the country.

In my journey of over 5,000 km in the whole country, I had chances to see with my own eyes and address needs for development. I had reviewed evolution of former battlefields into development areas, not only in Kep and Kompot, but also areas along Cambodian-Thai border, where there were some last battles. They have now become development areas and there are good schools and educational infrastructure too.

Where There Is No Peace, There Would Be War

Peace has given us all sorts of benefits. Absence of peace, as we went through in 1970, there would be war and losses. There would be no development. People ran away from their homesteads and lands. There were no schools anymore. We have started together to make a rise from the most difficult conditions. As far as education is concerned, we could recall how we went through in those days. We had no schools or classrooms buildings. Our teachers were having difficult living conditions. They would teach in exchange for rice. Later, they taught in exchange for nine basic food and utensil items […]

2018 – Teachers to Have Minimum Salary of One Million Riel

In just days ahead, we will reach a time when our teachers will have their salary of one million Riel at the minimum. So will our civil servants and armed forces. We are of the opinion that it would help alleviate their hardships to a degree. As for infrastructure relating to education, we continue to put them together in response to new requirements […] in days of our beginning, we used this phrase to command our situation “those who know more, teach those who know less, and those who know less, teach those who know nothing.” As for now, I think we have a different situation. In those days, we would pick anyone to be a teacher through some retraining courses. Sometimes, our teachers is just one class above their students. It has changed now. We have a training program of 12 years education plus 2 years of pedagogical training. We will move into a new stage of 12 years plus four for teachers in education regions and for Phnom Penh, we will have a bachelor plus one year of pedagogical training […]

Kep People Voted the Most for Cambodian People’s Party

This progress has been an indication of peace that we had made out of many impossible difficulties. I have a feeling that I owe people in Kep province because in every elections, they voted for the Cambodian People’s Party in great number. In some instances, the Cambodian People’s Party achieved up to 90% of their votes. That does not mean we would offer you something in return only if you vote for us. We just have this feeling that people are happy and benefit from the Cambodian People’s Party and my leaderships […]

I hope that people of Kep will vote for the Cambodian People’s Party on 29 July 2018. I have made known that I will continue my candidacy for premiership for at least two more terms or ten years. I am still fit. Some may notice that I am losing some weight. It was not because of any illness but because it was recommended by physicians […] I have come to 73 Kgs now and I had to lose some more to achieve a weight and height balance […]

Considering a University in Kep

… I have suggested to education Minister, HE Hang Chuon Naron, to place his thought in relation to establishing a university in Kep for students of provinces along the sea – Kep, Kompot, and Preah Sihanouk […] I also advise Ken Sotha, governor of Kep, to attract more private investments to set up a university in Kep to provide students easier access to tertiary education than having to travel to Phnom Penh for it […] I wish to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation for efforts made by teachers and professors. According to results that I have a report here, 91.90% of our students passed their primary educations and 90.31% passed their secondary educations. They are encouraging rates for or teachers and professors […]

Civil Servants Retire at 60 Still

There had been questions to me on Facebook and there happens to be a tendency of requesting for prolongation of retirement age. I have suggested an idea (to prolong retirement age of teachers) for consideration, and perhaps to civil servants. However, we have not yet amended law. I am taking this chance to declare to our people that civil servants in the whole country will continue to observe our law of retiring at 60 years of age […] in term of budget, prolonging retirement age to 65 is a benefit … from their experiences. However, we must also think of space for our youths who are looking for jobs. This requires a lot of and comprehensive thinking. I am taking this chance to affirm that civil servants, as long as law has not yet amended, will retire at 60. Make no mistake about it […]

Cambodia Allow Muslim Dress Codes

… We have here today Muslim students in their dress codes. This is not possible in many countries. Some countries claiming to be democratic do not allow Muslim dress codes in school. In Cambodia, this is alright. Under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party, we have made that happen. We may not be sure if that would be applicable in any other leaderships […] I am calling on workers and enterprises to allow Muslim women to put on their dress codes (at works) […] we have many religions. We have a harmonization of races and religions in Cambodia. I am calling on us to continue this and it is one major part that help us build up peace. There is no religious conflict in Cambodia […]./