Selected Comment and Speech Lived on Facebook

[Unofficial Translation]


Today I have the need to clarify some issues concerning the latest effort by some CNRP leaders, who, at about 3:57am, issued an email to leaders of other leaders in an attempt to prevent outflow of people from CNRP, which is approaching its state of dissolution. […] They have been trying to convince them that their party is not going to be dissolved. The chief traitor Sam Rainsy also said that Hun Sen will surrender and people inside have been spreading doubt if the party is meeting its dissolution why has Hun Sen appealed for communal, district and provincial councilors to join CPP?

I must clarify that it is my pure intention for you who have people’s votes and know nothing about treacherous acts of the party’s leaders to come out clean. I wish that you understand there would be no need for me to blackmail anyone like what they had said out there. I may give you a question to think about – if CNRP is not going to dissolve, why should I call on you to consider leaving and joining CPP to continue serving the people […]

(The fact that I have made such appeal) is because of understanding that you, at the party junior level, had no knowledge of what the party’s leaders had done to inflict destruction to our nation, and that you should have a chance to grab to stay on in your elected positions while the party is dissolving. I am sure when you participated in the communal, district and/or provincial councilors elections because you all wanted to serve the people. Eventually, the Cambodian People’s Party, with me as its President, and in my capacity of Prime Minister, I am giving you this chance when you are leaving CNRP before its dissolution.

Upon its dissolution, CNRP votes will rearrange among other parties competed in communes. In some communes, there were only two contested parties, in which case, the Cambodian People’s Party will be entitled to those seats. For communes that there were more than two contested parties, the seats reallocation will be done accordingly […] in any instances, the Cambodian People’s Party will receive an overwhelming number of seats still. It is in this situation that a chance has come for you to leave CNRP to join CPP, who will rearrange the list of commune councilors, leaders, and assistant. This time they will be commune councilors, heads, and assistants coming from the Cambodian People’s Party. CNRP has twelve more days before its dissolution date – 16 November 2017, issued by the Supreme Court.

… Certain persons have tried to prevent such outflow telling people that the Cambodian People’s Party, the Supreme Court, and the Royal Government of Hun Sen would not dare to enact it. I wish to clarify that though I am not in control of the judicial power, as Prime Minister I have known about the case filed in court by the Ministry of Interior. It will not be over with just dissolving a party. There will be over one hundred people prohibited from political rights for five years. Lawyers of the Ministry of Interior demand that members of permanent commission and board of directors would face this political rights prohibition.

In this meaning, almost everyone in the board of directors will lose their political rights for five years. I wish that you paid attention on this point. There are some members of the National Assembly coming to CPP though it would not be accepting any of the CNRP’s 55 seats. Other parties would. As far as I know, two political parties will not accept those seats. If they abandoned them, CPP would accept the abandoned seats. In that case, CNRP members of the National Assembly who join CPP would be able to return to their seats as members of the National Assembly from the Cambodian People’s Party, not CNRP anymore.

Those who join CPP will be free from political rights prohibition for five years and continue to serve the people from their elected seats. I wish to stress that the Cambodian People’s Party and I, who have served this country and people in my whole life, and secured success of the win-win policy, I would not wish to see those of you who have no knowledge of what the party leaders had done to lose (what you have.) It seems that are rifts among them and they accuse one another – like Mao Munnivan and even Pol Ham – to have worked for Hun Sen to a party coup […] I do not want to see you suffer because of treacherous acts of leaders and I wanted all of you to have chances of serving the people. If you, however, believe what your party leaders said, you may go on with what you believe in […]

Two types of urban guerilla will not stand a chance of forgiveness. They have carried out color revolution and they have done it times and times again. Though they have failed, they are still working on it. We will not give them a chance […] I am speaking as a leader who had done this work to dissolve the Khmer Rouge organization and to bring the Khmer Rouge leaders to trial. We did not charge junior level commanders and soldiers and they are working with the Cambodian People’s Party presently. Now, we have revealed urban guerilla and their leaders arrested and waited for trial.

I wish to stress that to dissolve the party does not need to wait for trial of individual party leader Kem Sokha. The party will meet its Supreme Court’s set date of dissolution. Their message has gone on among their members but whatever they said was not true. As of this time, people are enjoying the festivities of the water festival […] only those urban guerillas – whether they be CNRP leaders, drug traders, armed robbers, etc, are unhappy and in fear. Our people are not in fear and are instead joyful.

Let me stress that what they confuse you in their message – if the party is meeting its dissolution why has Hun Sen appealed for communal, district and provincial councilors to join CPP? – is wrong. It was because the party will dissolve that I warned you and wish to see you continue to serve the people as councilors in communes, district, and/or provinces of the Cambodian People’s Party. It was because of such endless confusion that they have brought their party to this legal state. It was not a job carried out by one man but a systematic involvement of many people. Well, it is now up to you to decide whether you will join CPP or stay as you are, and/or even go to other parties.

[…] I reaffirm though that I have intention to give you chances, a true ones, and return you to continuing your works at communal, district, and/or provincial levels, or even members of the National Assembly. CNRP Senators are not involved here. However, I wish to tell them that they are fighting over empty crab shells as far as candidates list for the Senate is concerned […] It was just an empty crab shell. You have no right anymore to vote under CNRP because there will be no CNRP anymore. To continue to be in office and serve people as councilors of communes, districts, and/or provinces, and even members of the National Assembly and the Senate, they may have to seek shelter in CPP to participate in enacting local reforms and state institutions. You have time only until 16 November. I would consider any time after that but you should not wait until you have no choices.

If you are not leaving, or grabbing this chance, you will have to wait another five years and choose a party because there will be no more CNRP. […] I kept myself informed of the legal case carried out by the Ministry of Interior and I learnt of the lawyers’ proposed demand to prohibit political rights for about 112 people in all. The one who spreads message is in that list. It is not thing that happens only in Cambodia. Many countries have done that.

Let me remind that calling on the US to fire missiles into my house, the army to turn their guns at the Royal Government, and many others under foreign order are in context of such party dissolution in accordance with law … previously, laws only fine people committed mistakes as an individual. There are also points about cases that a party could face dissolution, or has its name deleted. However, it has now come to the end. There were not one but many involved in the case, and many would face stripping off political rights.

It is in this understanding that I wish you leave the party and listen to no fools about “Hun Sen dare not carry it through” things that they say out there.If Hun Sen dare not do it, Hun Sen would have Minister of Interior withdraw the case from the court … Lawyers are ready to demand what are necessary concerning the dissolution of political party, and stripping off political rights for five years of those in the permanent commission and board of directors. I have no wish to see councilors of communes, districts, and provinces/municipality to suffer because of wrongdoing of their leaders. I wish to give them chances to continue to and to help with the country’s construction with the Cambodian People’s Party to serve people in communal, district, and provincial levels.

Thank you for listening and I wish our compatriots a happy Royal Water Festival./.