Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Launching Ceremony of National Policy on Technical and Vocational Training for 2017-2025

[Unofficial Translation]


In addition to prepared text, Samdech Techo made the following off-the-cuff comments on worker’s basic salary in 2018, income tax, benefits for women in pregnancies, death benefits, and sportsmen access to the city bus service.

Workers’ Basic Salary 170 USD/Month, Starting in January 2018

Please allow me to add some more issues on these recommendations that I think are closely relating to the topic. Let me congratulate the agreement reached on workers’ minimum salary for 2018, which has provided a final figure of 170 USD/month. To get there, the Royal Government will be paying an addition of five USD, which is an amount of roughly four million USD per annum, from holding a part of tax, which is postponing to 2022, firstly. Secondly, we are also letting go roughly 24 million USD incomes from export control. The Royal Government is losing roughly 40 million USD from the two sources. As of now, we can say that starting from January 2018 the minimum salary of workers will be 170 USD/moth. They will earn even more with other works related benefits, such as lowering water, electricity, housing prices, and travel coverage […]

Income Tax in 2018 Impose on 1.2 Million Salary and Over

The second point that I wish to talk about now is that in a very short time, our civil servants and armed forces will achieve salary that is no less than one million Riel/month. Let me recall this issue a bit. Previously we imposed income tax on Riel 500,000 monthly salary and over. In 2016, we increased the ceiling to 800,000 Riel and in 2017, to one million Riel. In the forthcoming financial management law for 2018, we are preparing to move this ceiling up to Riel 1.2 millions to tax. This will benefit not only civil servants and armed forces, but also workers because anyone who earns three hundreds USD per month and below will not answer to income tax […] I hope that members of the Royal Government supports this decision and I am sure the National Assembly will also have a fair say on this. It will go into our national budget law and implement from January 2018 […]

Riel 800,000 for Women in Labor of a Child, Starting in January 2018

Yesterday, I was talking about issue relating to additional benefits for women served as civil servant and in armed forces, when they are in pregnancies and in delivery. Previously, she would earn Riel 600,000 for one child labor. We now have moved the delivery benefit up to Riel 800,000 for one child delivery, Riel 1.8 million for twin delivery and Riel 2.4 million for triplet delivery […]

Death Benefits for Civil Servants to Implement in January 2018

We also this issue of death benefits to cover – either it is a death from sickness or on mission relating to works. The benefit set from before was not relevant anymore. There have been new suggested figures but they are still not comparably reasonable with the benefits provided in the armed forces. Previously, death of sickness for civil servants would incur a financial assistance of 1.2 million Riel. It has now increased to two million Riel. Death incurred by mission relating to works was entitled to 1.5 million Riel before and it will be reaching four million Riel in 2018. In 2017, we used a sum of roughly 30 billion Riel or 7.62 million USD. We have planned that in 2018, we will be using a sum of about 44 billion Riel or roughly ten million USD […]

Well, to sum it a bit, for women served as civil servants and in armed forces, delivery benefits set at this time are quite reasonable but death benefits of civil servants either in because of sickness or accident on mission relating to works seem to be meager still. I am calling on concerned authorities to focus on it and work out to fill in big benefits gap between civil servants and armed forces. We should try to figure out a formula to help those who lose someone in their families, example, like a spouse who does not have enough savings for funeral ceremony […]

Sportsmen Ride City Bus Free of Charge

We have been doing a lot for the benefits of our people. Yesterday I have declared that starting from 15 October our sportsmen will ride city bus free of charge as workers do. Sportsmen recognized by clubs and the National Olympic Committee would earn this. We have roughly over 5,000 sportsmen who will need to use city bus services. We provide this service for them free of charge. We do the same for workers […] We are doing this to help relieve their financial burden and we hope it will also stimulate efforts towards hosting SEA Games in 2023./.