Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Ceremony to Congratulate Senior Citizen Kong Nai for His Bestowment of the Japanese Fukuoka Prize

[Unofficial Translation]


It is a great day that we are hosting together and hailing reception of the Fukuoka Prize awarded to Kaosal Viacha (Talented Speech) Kong Nai from Japan. We just listened to a traditional song that is quite customary to Cambodians. He also just performed us an amusing song that I first heard about it from him in Kompot in 1982. It is 36 years now. It is a big gathering today participated by many senior performers, including Mr. Prach Chhuon, one of the best and oldest performers of Chapei Dang Veng (a Cambodian two-stringed, long-necked guitar). He also had a go for us to listen to his song […]

Culture is not only about arts or songs. It covers many issues and aspects. We have made every effort to keep our culture alive, not only in national but also in world heritage context – tangible and intangible. Chapei Dang Veng has become a listed world intangible cultural heritage in 2016. I hope that we will continue to conserve more Cambodian tangible and intangible cultural art objects and tools […]

As for the Fukuoka Prize, senior citizen Kong Nai is the third to have received it. We congratulate him for the prize. Two other persons who have received this prize included also the late senior citizen Chheng Phon. We must see that this is not an honor to senior citizen Kong Nai alone but a great honor for our country as well. On behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia, I presented him appreciation and congratulation of our people and nation. This is what I termed alive heritage. We have proven with our efforts to bring our country out of ashes to such progress. I thank our people for loving and supporting their national culture as a whole, and Chapei Dang Veng in particular […]

I shall remind that from next year, I will have a gathering with people in arts profession. We will do it on March 3 – the National Culture Day. We will have dinner together. I would ask the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts to avoid organizing on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, as some performers would have prior engagements with TV stations, or even traveled far […]

I wish to affirm that in the framework of the Royal Government, I will present senior citizens Kong Nai and Prach Chhuon – the medals of Moha Sereivath. Kong Nai will collect a prize from the Royal Government of 100 million Riels and Prach Chhuon will collect a sum of 20 million Riels […]

I am taking this opportune moment to express my sincere thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, and other performers and arts professionals, for making their best efforts to create the country such marvelous achievements. I hope that we will continue to reap more progresses together. As long as we keep up our forest, we will not be short of firewood. Or I mean, if we keep peace, we will be able to safeguard developments and everything we achieved together from scratch […]

I am so glad that I have been with other Cambodian leaders from day one until now and I am declaring my candidacy for at least two more terms. I will not allow anyone to cause destruction to this country. My presence is necessary to safeguard it and keep it peaceful. We will not allow color revolution or any acts of treason. We will not accept any color revolution to come out of command post in Phnom Penh. We monitor it and prevent it. We will continue to do so and will resolutely keep this nation safe from destruction. My presence is necessary to continue the country’s peace and development./.


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