Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Meeting with Cambodian Paralympics Sportsmen and Offering of Medals for Sportsmen Who competed in the Republic of Korea


Today, I and other Cambodian leaders have great pleasures to express our congratulations and greeting to sportsman Yao Vannak, who won a gold medal for the motherland. May I ask trainer Neo Lakhena to present herself too. Let us also congratulate Yoy Kosal for his achievement of bronze medal from the competition. We thank you all so much. We also express our deep thanks to trainers involved. With my presence here today I am speaking proudly that our handicap sportsmen, though we had sent out in small number, a majority of them have returned with medals […] we sent twenty of them for competition, ten of them came back with medals, for instance.

Handicaps Do Not Lose Hopes

I reaffirm that our handicap sportsmen, compared with other countries, have showed that they have made great efforts. Some countries may have more disable or handicap sportsmen that we do … However, our sportsmen had made great efforts in training and practices. They also scored medals – gold or silver – this time in the Asian continent level.

We also organized ceremony to send our Paralympics sportsmen for competitions in the Ninth ASAEN Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr. Yi Veasna, General Secretary of the Paralympics Committee of Cambodia already mentioned it in his report. I have said before that I will not head the Cambodian National Olympic Committee but will instead chair the Paralympics Committee of Cambodia. It is easy to understand. I have considered myself a handicap that never loses hope in my struggle, not only for survival of own self, but for the country to revive too.

Will Live with and Defend Handicaps

I want to tell every disable or handicap persons that I will live with them and they must not lose hope. We may be physical handicaps but our hearts and minds are not. I am to defend every handicap person from other people’s insults. I myself have had so much insult as “the blind man.” These words to dishonor handicaps are severe insults and Gods may never forgive them for making such insults. There is no dignity in doing that. My presence today – though it is symbolical – should assure identity of handicaps and let the whole of people of Cambodia and the world know that a handicap person can also be a Prime Minister […]

My premiership, if including also acting premiership, has been thirty-three years now. To count in my time as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs it is now 39 years. This should ring a bell to every handicap person not to lose hope and make their efforts. I also urge those who insult the handicaps change their minds and actions to help them instead. They may think over a fact that what they would do if their children fall into handicap situation. It is unforeseeable. Road accidents or some accident caused by other minor cases could also maim a person […]

Extra Money for Yao Vannak to Pay Back Debt

I am taking a lot of pride in Yao Vannak for his steadfast efforts to overcome hardships as handicaps and to take charge of a bank debt to build a house for his mother, and to cover treatment of his mother illness caused by traffic accident. My pride is that you are not giving up. Today, along with rewards officially prepared for you, I will provide you with some assistance. I hope that you will take them to pay debts. I would not want to see you use the reward money to pay debt. I have prepared for you another 30,000 USD to pay debt for your mother. I wish you will make a good living condition with the reward plus another 10,000 USD that I am presenting you as my own appreciation.

Cambodia to Support China’s Presidency of Paralympics

To have reached this far, (for those who will go to Kuala Lumpur), you all must have passed so long and zigzag road in order to become national level sportsmen and to take parts in the competition of Paralympics in the time to come. I am asking Mr. Yi Veasna to continue to do his good work on my behalf in the competitions. The Paralympics headquarters is now settling in the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. I anticipate that in the forthcoming meeting that Mr. Yi Veasna will attend next month, Cambodia will support China’s candidacy for the presidency of Paralympics Committee […] This has proven Cambodia’s own right to vote in international framework. It is a mutual assistance. China has done so much to help us and we return the favor. That is normal process.

We still anticipate a membership to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Why do we need to be a member? We need to study about how to use atomic energy for development that we have already signed an agreement with Russia. We also can use our membership to trade mutual support. We may support some countries in one case, and they will return their favors in another. We are not rich but we are willing to pay our membership fees so that we have equal right and footing. Our economy would not fall because of that […]

More School Buildings in Stoeng Treng

We had in fact scheduled to meet yesterday but I had to stay over in Stoeung Treng for weather reason. Helicopters could not fly back. In the course of staying there over night, I had conducted some discussions with our provincial servants and armed forces. I also went to visit the market reconstructed after a fire. I also visited the regional pedagogical school where they share a compound with a primary school. I had ordered construction of 50 more rooms, 30 for students and 20 for pedagogical students […] who asked for sponsorships of their trips to see Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and to tour the sea […] they will become teachers soon. It is good to let them see what the country has […]

No to All Forms of Athletic Performance-Enhancing Drugs

As recommended in previous sports competition, I am urging our sportsmen to take part in ASEAN Paralympics competition to avoid using all forms of athletic performance-enhancing drugs. Doping is not only damaging personal record but also that of the country. I am telling nephews sportsmen to avoid them […]

Respect Sports Rules and Regulations

Secondly, you must respect every rules and regulations of the competition. I also urge our trainers and other sports officials to pay attention to this matter. I know that some of you who won medals from previous competitions will also take parts in this forthcoming competition. Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia also invited to attend the ceremony on 19 August and its closing session too, but because of so many working schedules in the country, I will not be able to reply positively to his invitation.

Same Protocol Applied for Medals Winners

… Let me remind you of one thing. For medalists won in competitions outside the country, we would offer motorcades escort from the airports upon their arrivals. I am to remind the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Paralympics Committee of Cambodia itself, must make sure that medalists from competitions at world and regional levels will have the honors of the motorcades escort from the airports to the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia. We will have to work out how many motor cycles used for those medalists from world events and how many for medalists from regional events. Though we failed to do it upon arrival, today afternoon is not yet too late. May Mr. Yi Veasna see to this congratulatory celebration? As for the expense, the Council of Minister will provide […]

… Since we did not yet have a party while departing for the competition, I would ask relevant institution to throw one. I also ask HE Bin Chhin, Deputy Prime Minister, to preside over the banquet. The Sports Federations may also attend. You may just pick up a restaurant and do that to congratulate medalists but also send our sportsmen and trainers for the ASEAN Para Games as well …/.