( 2-6-2013 ) Item 9 of the Provisional Agenda: Global Strategy for a representative, balanced and credible World Heritage List: Progress report on the upstream processes

9. Progress report on the upstream processes

At its 32nd session (Quebec City, 2008), the World Heritage Committee decided to initiate a process of reflection on the future of the World Heritage Convention.

In this framework, the Committee, recognising the challenges that exist in the process for nominating a property to the World Heritage List, proposed an indepth reflection on the Upstream Process. The aim of this reflection was to find options for improving and strengthening the current nomination process. In 2011, the Committee through Decision 35 COM 12C took note of the selection of 10 pilot projects to explore creative approaches and new forms of guidance that might be provided to States Parties in considering nominations before their preparation.

The present document focuses on the progress made on each of the 10 pilot projects since the 36th session of the World Heritage Committee to implement Decision 36 COM 12C.

Draft Decision: 37 COM 9, see Point III.

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