Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the meeting with sportsmen/women of Cambodia [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Drinking water, one must think of the source …

[…] The fact that we have been able to organized the 2023 SEA Games so far, we should remind ourselves of the noble merits of the former King and the Head of State […] the Olympic Stadium is still a good base for sports/games competitions in this 2023 (Sea Games). We use the words “Drinking water, one must think of the source, eating the fruit, one must think of the grower” […] we thank the People’s Republic of China, especially President Xi Jinping, for providing the stadium, which will be the main venue for the SEA Games […] the legacy left by His Majesty the Head of State, Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, Preah Borom Ratanakaod, plus the support of the People’s Republic of China, and with the material base that we built ourselves, we have made this preparation possible […]

(2) Build a hospital with specialized treatment facilities and work out policies to support athletes

[…] I have often stated why Cambodia has to wait until 2023 to host this games event. I have explained and asked for understanding from our Cambodian people that we needed funds to build the necessary infrastructure to accelerate socio-economic development, such as roads, canals, hospitals, schools. We save that money to work on national economic development […] and (in addition to hosting this event,) with the Ministry of Health, I decided to set up a hospital to treat injured players after the game […] from now on we have a place to treat our players to ensure that they will receive full care […] Let the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Olympic Committee of Cambodia work together to review the policy conditions for athletes who become disabled (due to competition). What will they receive? […] to (establish) the credibility of the player […] (who) enters the competition to represent the national honor […]

(3) There will be more than 12,000 athletes/players, including fans

According to His Excellency Thong Khon, there are going to be more than 12,000 athletes/players from all over the region. Therefore, travel, means of transportation and accommodation will not be simple. It can be said that it is a large-scale reception that we have never had before […] there will definitely be traffic jams. I ask for the understanding of the people in Phnom Penh […] as hosts, we have a responsibility to ensure the program and ensure the safety of the more than 12,000 athletes/players plus their fans […]

(4) SEA Games tickets are free for all spectators and free-of-charge live broadcast

[…] Spectators can access the SEA Games – both opening and closing events – free of charge. But we must organize it properly. Tickets must be available, but they are free of charge, for both national and international spectators […] I instructed this work to CAMSOC at the cabinet meeting […] No charge will be required for live broadcast rights. We do not need money from ticket sales or any live broadcast rights of local and/or overseas TV networks (for the upcoming 32nd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and the 12th ASEAN Para Games). Our need is to let the world know Cambodia […]

(5) Expect the success of players with and without disabilities for training and competing at home This evening, after the program is over, I would like to ask our players to dance for fun. Let our muscles reflex and dance happily. I am asking the musicians to prepare the song “Road to the mother-in-law’s house”. This year you are all tired of training, but we must have more training to ensure success, and our success does not come from the lack of technical competition or even the use of drugs – both normal sports and disabled sports. This year I look forward to receiving a large number of medals from our Paralympics, because every year at the SEA Games and Para Games, our Paralympics receive a lot of medals. According to His Excellency Yi Veasna, there can be more than half the medals. I hope and am waiting for our players here to succeed and double the number of medals (we used to receive from) competitions in other countries because we compete at home […]./.