Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Closing Session of the 42nd National Health Conference [Unofficial Translation]

(1) To return the 15 million doses of vaccine that has not been delivered to Cambodia to China

[…] I have approved the request of HE Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health, to transfer back 15 million doses of vaccine that has not yet been shipped to Cambodia, as we currently have 6 million doses left in stock and there is only a small number of people to get it … we transfer to our China friend so that they can share it with countries that are in need. (On the other hand) we cannot hold the vaccine for its expiration […]

(2) From hungry stomach to full, to be full and delicious, and now to be safe too

[…] After the Pol Pot regime, we just did whatever we could to fill our stomachs … later, not only are we full, we try to be full and delicious. Now the problem has arrived, it has to be delicious and healthy. That is the problem that we have to think together … (taking) the case of a beautification, someone died in a surgery at a beauty salon …  there are numerous cases concerning beautification. We do not know what the next day will bring … (as for this food safety) it has to do with production as well. If the production is appropriate, it provides the healthy food for our people and they are safe and healthy […]

(3) Do not allow Cambodians to be subject to drug testing by any country

[…] Before importing anything, make sure it is safe. Do not let Cambodians be the ones to be tested for drugs by any country. They use it effectively and clearly safe, we then order to use in our country … I still remember exactly what I said. Cambodia is not a dumping ground for outdated technology. I announced in 1988. Cambodia does not have to accept anything that is outdated, including digital systems. There is no such thing as “old stuff in other countries become new ones in our country” […]

(4) Singers do not take drinks with high sugars, just sip it, to avoid diabetes We must now respond to challenging problems […] we must try every way we can to avoid problems causing from unhealthy food as it increases the (country’s burden). I am worried about singers and entertainers (that they may have diabetes in the future). Why will they catch diabetes? Contracting to sing for Carabao (energy drink), they had to Carabao. Tomorrow, they will go to the Bacchus to taste Bacchus. After tomorrow they sing for Ichitan (they also drink Ichitan). I would like to reprimand the singers as well as the MCs who have to taste them, to just sip it […]./.


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