Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Hand-over of Diplomas to More Than 7,000 Students of the Royal University of Phnom Penh [Unofficial translation]

CNV: 24/02/2023

We have 70 days more until the SEA Games in Cambodia. We will be hosting the SEA Games togteher.

(1) For 44 years, the education sector has modernized; more young people will become Deputy Prime Ministers/Ministers

I am very proud to have contributed, with my compatriots and teachers, in the past 44 years to restore the education sector from a pile of ashes to a gradual modernization and with the quality enhancement. I would like to express my special appreciation to His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron for leading the reform of the education sector during these two terms, which shows that the young people are able to lead the institution. In the future, more young people will become ministers, deputy prime ministers, and even Prime Minister in replacement of the previous generation […]

(2) State universities still attract students/play an important role in human resource training

The Royal University of Phnom Penh continues to play an important role in human resource training. I continue to call on all public/private higher education institutions to make efforts to promote quality human resource training. Some used to study under the roof of our schools but they argued that students get degrees but never show up in class. These people were students under the roof of (our) schools from primary to high school. They insulted/blamed schools where they studied. If they insulted the schools to be incapable, why else they who learnt there are any different? […]

(3) The research fund of this university helps acquire research capacity

According to the achievements that HE Hang Chuon Naron just reported, the research fund at this university, which provides funding of US$ 100,000 annually for research activity, is very important to train people to do their own research. Higher education is the level at which research is used as the basis for human knowledge, not the plagiarism which does not have the ability to research and innovate for growth […]

(4) Royal University of Phnom Penh is the work of Samdech Preah Borom Ratanakaod since the 1960s

The Royal University of Phnom Penh, the work of the King, which he built in the 1960s, is the oldest university in the country. It opened since then and was abandoned during the Pol Pot era. We also started rehabilitation after we gradually liberated the country from the Pol Pot regime and we have opened this place for human resource training until now. Through the training here, a large number of students leaving this school has contributed to solving human resources, including issues related to the shortage of teachers/professors in universities and high schools […]

(5) Continuing learning/research, standstill is in backward and conservative mode

I call on all the students who have graduated to continue their efforts to strengthen/enhance their abilities. They cannot stand still after receiving a degree or knowledge that we have learned from the university. The situation is evolving so fast and we cannot stay in idle mode. Standstill is tantamount to backwardness and conservatism, which creates obstacles to development or even hinders the progress of the next generation. We need to continue to improve the quality by continuing to learn – the “Learn for Life” movement, because there is no end to learning […]

(6) Geopolitical conquests lead to wars, sanctions, energy/food crises

[…] The global situation is being affected in part by geopolitical seizures. The war in Ukraine, the issue of sanctions, will lead to the energy/food crisis, especially the energy crisis, which is causing inflation in countries […] in terms of oil prices, it is a bit cheaper compared to the previous few days (which was more than US$ 85/barrel). This morning, as of now, it is (worth) US$ 82.89/barrel. At this stage, oil (that are available) between US$ 50/barrel and US$ 70/barrel is considered good for consumers/manufacturers […]

(7) Strengthen food supply capacity and resilience; inflation under control

Today is also the first anniversary of Russia’s troops sent to Ukraine. We are waiting to see (which) countries make statements and how […] food security is another important issue. We are strengthening our food supply capacity and resilience. No matter what happens, Cambodia should not be in trouble on food issue. The exchange rate in Cambodia is relatively stable. Inflation is still under control, but we wanted inflation to lower. It cannot go lower though for external reasons […]

(8) A reciprocation principle with Laos on scholarships proposed

[…] I met students who are studying in Laos. I listened to their difficulties […] in that we have a policy of supporting Lao students (studying in Cambodia) and Cambodian students (studying in Laos a scholarship of) US$ 180 alike (per month per person). The Cambodian students are paid in Kip, Laotian Kip, a denomination of US$ 180, which the exchange rate between the bank and the market is different. In real term, they received only USD 90 due to the depreciation of the Kip […] I asked the Prime Minister of Laos that we should agree to cash them in US dollars. We give dollars to Lao students in Cambodia and Laos gives dollars to Cambodian students in Laos. We can find a way to mediate that […]

(9) RUPP completes the basic requirements to proceed to PhD candidate in Political Science

[…] I thank the university leadership as well as the university students who last year awarded me an honorary doctorate. I am proud that this university had done its part to “complete the basic requirements” for me to become a candidate for a Ph D in Political Science. In fact, you are all my junior university mates, based on the degree provided by the Royal University of Phnom Penh, which I received from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. If I did not have a bachelor’s degree, I would not be able to study for a master’s degree and a doctorate, which I came through both of them […]

(10) While s/he does not respect own parents/siblings, how could s/he respect and love the people?

I have had numerous honorary doctorates. Well talking about that some would attack and named me a fool. I always asked myself how could they be any wiser when they are not capable of beating this fool? S/he called me a fool. In the end, they all lost to this fool. Was it not degrading? If you consider me a smart person and you cannot beat me, then it would seem a bit appropriate […] if you are that good, you can beat me already […]

I am reviewing (this piece of posting) whether it belongs to Sorn Dara or not? It is unbelievable […] if you insulted your father (as it was written) – “Dad, you are not as good as I am because I have learnt more than you ” […] if Sorn Dara did say that to his parents, it is not necessary to think about the fact that he has been attacking others, including HM the King, the Prime Minister, and/or my son […] you talked about loving people and friends, but what if they briefly ask how can you love other people, while you do not even love/respect your parents. You have to remember this point […]

(11) Always avoid to return direct rebukes

You can just try to think and you will see that you cannot accompany your current leader to the coffin. He is 73 or 74 years old already. You are only 44 years old. They are old and they have their wives, children and grandchildren. Your parents are more important. If the parents are in the opposition, then it is a different story, but our parents sacrifice as a soldier (and) your brother is a policeman. Don’t you understand that is the reason why I did not return the fight strongly while you attacked me and Hun Manet in all matters […] I have always avoided direct rebuke because your farther is an officer in the Armed Forces, […] that you are considering whoever serve the Royal Government of Phnom Penh is an ideal seller, you are indeed accusing your parents/siblings […]

(12) Auspicious or not, Able to liberate the country from the Pol Pot regime and bring about peace/prosperity

I do not know if I am an auspicious or inauspicious person, but I have had the ability to rule this country. I helped liberate this country from the Pol Pot regime. I helped build this country from scratch. I brought peace to this country and that has brought prosperity to the country today. Dare you swear what did Cambodia have in 1979 and what we have in present day Cambodia? […] this is for the benefit of all development. New Year is approaching and the Angkor Sankranta is going to be enjoyable this year. I thought of making a thorough visit to Angkor Wat once as I never have a chance to […]


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