Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Meeting with Workers/Employees Near Kambol Area, along National Road 4

[Unofficial Translation]


Rescheduling Next Meetings

I am so happy today to join this get-together with over ten thousand workers at this location. Minister of Labor and Vocational Training HE Ith Sam Heng already mentioned that some of you had already attended a meeting with me at Koh Pich. I wish to take this opportune moment to inform those of you who have scheduled to meet me on October 8 that we will have to reschedule the meeting to a later date. We will need to reschedule the meeting that is to fall on 15 October because it will be the day that we celebrate our respect for the demise of our former King, Samdech Ov, Smadech Ta, Samdech Ta Tuot, Preah Borom Ratanakaod. However, meetings that we plan to happen every Wednesday will go on. We will have a meeting next week and I will leave the country for two nights on 5 and 6 October to participate the 50th anniversary of the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam coronation day. I will return on 7 October.

Thanks for Your Cordialness

… As some of you are interested in taking pictures, I had to stand and let them do so. There was a young pregnant niece at Koh Pich the other day surprised me with what she said. As I was handing out my souvenir to our workers, she approached me and said the token was not that important. Taking a photo was. She then took selfie until she satisfied. I have noticed that cordialness from our people to me. The fact that she wished to take more pictures proves that. Just now, a young niece told me she wanted to take photos with me because her mother wanted the pictures. She will send her the pictures. I am so grateful for their cordialness.

Always Have Been with People in Difficult Times

… You may want to ask your parents and/or grandparents who must have shared their long journeys with me in the past. They surely know what Techo Sen has been doing for the country. Should there be no knowledge of my works, there would be no need for us to share cordialness here. However, in my whole life, aside from leading the struggle to liberate the country, I never ever left our people. This has indeed set me in a feeling that no matter where they are and/or what tendency they may belong, people are fully aware of what I have been doing for our nation.

Two More Terms At Least

Proven by your amicableness, I feel encouraged to continue to safeguard peace and work harder for development for the future of our children and grandchildren. I have chosen such forum to declare my determination to continue my candidacy for state control through elections, which will be taking place regularly every five years for the next two terms […] I have coined my words that I will be working for the next ten years at least. That means I would be able to work more years beyond because though I am growing older, but I am still healthy.

To 13% Poverty in 2014

I hope that everything that we had done together since the generation of your grandparents and parents through to yours (will be visible). We have brought the country from 100% poverty rate right after the liberation from the regime of Pol Pot to a 13% poverty rate in 2014. We will need to conduct a new survey too. We have passed the least-income country status into one in a lower middle-income one. We have an ambition to bring this country into a higher middle-income country status by 2030, and a developed country by 2050. I know I will not live until 2050 but this will be our vision or a roadmap that our younger generation, without losing direction, will continue to realize development according to this master plan […]

Responding to Workers’ Problem to Implement Policy for Industrial Development

As we are implementing policies for industrial development for the period between 2015 and 2025, it is so corresponding that we place our focus in taking more responsibility, especially in the our workers’ working and living conditions. I have a concrete plan that will not be for one or two years but I am ready to continue to my journey to meet workers, even after I will have finished the round tour. We have many factories and we may choose thereafter to meet workers in certain factories without having to mobilize such big gatherings. Proving the Royal Government’s efforts, care, and consideration, I will contribute to finding solutions to every encountered problem in the framework of socio-economic development police as a whole and in industrial development in particular.

Younger Labor Promotes Economic Growth

As you can see, our young labor has been at the core in driving our economic growth. According to our calculation, we still have more young labor in the whole country. We hope they will continue to be our source of economic drive either in agricultural and industrial or service sectors. I have encouraged the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training as well as every concerned level to contribute to resolve challenging problems aimed at creating a favorable condition for investments and a hood working condition […]

Concerning Criticism Regarding Land along National Road 4

As we are meeting here today, let me recall about what happened in the past regarding the national road 4. There was harsh criticism on me in our first National Assembly, especially in between 1995-96, about land along the national road 4 – Phnom Penh-Angsnuol-Kompong Speu. In the National Assembly, criticism grew about my policy that led to people selling their land along the national road 4. I rebuked and explained. You may want to check older recording. It had taken twenty years for some people to fathom a vision of Prime Minister Hun Sen and to come to term that it is feasible […]

I told them to think harder. On one hectare of land, our people would do their best to feed only one family of four or five. When they sold the land, factories come, and we could feed four of five thousand of them. People will find works in factories. On the other hand, as the price of land went up, people sold one hectare in one place and could buy more in another […] as you can see now area along national road 4, which formerly was rice field, has now become parks of factories and many people are working in there.

NR 4 Serves Economic Growth

This has been a point that consists in my vision of setting up area with factories/enterprises and I have this ambition to turn national road 4 into a connecting area in our first pole – Phnom Penh, with the second pole – Sihanoukville, which will be a connection that serves for our economic growth. As we have concentration of factories, we have so many people residing along the national road 4 to benefit from jobs. Should these factories be not here, would our workers be here? That is what we must see relationship between the present and the past. We must be pragmatic in the present as well as for the future. I am sure that empty space that we are gathering in today will become a city or residential place […]

Developing Countries Compete Each Other

Yesterday I met with President of the Senate of Pakistan, who was in Phnom Penh for a parliamentary meeting. I talked to him that our two countries in particular and developing countries as a whole are in competition with each other. The reason why I said so because we have similar products – rice, corns, cassava, etc. As for apparels, Pakistan also exports theirs that are not different from our country. In the framework of developing countries, in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, we all have produced more or less same products. That has come to finding a hard time with conditions placed by developed countries and we have no choice but to succumb to because we need their markets.

On the contrary, when we imports goods from those countries, they have less to none competition because of their products are not available at large. In this world, there are two major companies making airplanes – Boeing and Airbus. They almost have no competitors. Only some type of aircraft like helicopter that they have some competition from Russia […] the same is true for medicine […]

Act of Treason Must Answer to Law

In this area, at the time of demonstration, politicians broke open the factories gates when they wanted workers to join them to overthrow the legitimate Royal Government in 2013. It was a good thing that our nieces and nephews were busy with whatever they did. Pressuring people to join demonstration to overthrow the legitimate Royal Government was act of treason. They must take responsibility before the law. One cannot go free for what you had committed. It was not a demonstration to demand good working condition but one that would bring down the Royal Government in a color revolution style. We already had elections at the time and they did so only to bring the Royal Government down […]

Peace and Development – Two Inseparable Elements

We must do whatever we can to keep factories/enterprises here. We must also attract more investment. Keeping factories in our country, we will be able to keep our jobs and our incomes. I am calling on nieces and nephews to keep peace primarily because without peace, there would not be development. Our country suffered ill fate in the past losing peace at the hands of Lon Nol, Sirikmatak, Cheng Heng, In Tam, who conducted a coup in 1970 with the help of the Americans. We cannot allow that to happen again. We lost so many lives because of war and then the genocide of Pol Pot. To keep peace is to guarantee development and they are two inseparable elements […]

RGC Share Condolences with the Americans over the Las Vegas Tragedy

On behalf of the Royal Government and people of Cambodia, please allow me to express and share our condolences with the American administration and people who suffered gunning attack in Las Vegas killing up to 59 and wounding over 500. It is the biggest tragedy in the American history. We should say it is so in the world too […] I am saddened and wish to express my condolence with the American administration and people […] the incident took place in contrast to what the American Ambassador in Phnom Penh had warned their people. Before Phjum Ben day, he urged the Americans present in Cambodia to be alert on security matter. As we could see now, it happened in America, not in Cambodia. The incident was like a satire for the Ambassador. I do not mean to pick on him but whatever he said to frighten the Cambodians seemed to have gone after his country. We are so sorry about the tragedy (in Las Vegas) and we are condemning such barbarous act […]./.