Facebook Message on Permission for over 200 Cambodian Workers/Inmates Return from Malaysia to Cambodia [Unofficial Translation]


I thank the Cambodian nieces/nephews in Malaysia for their understandings in our country’s efforts to prevent spreading Covid-19 in Cambodia.

To this day, Cambodia and the whole world are actively fighting against Covid-19. And so far, the world has not found the cure for this deadly disease.

The Royal Government would thank the over 200 Cambodian workers including 73 inmates who were recently suspended from traveling back to Cambodia (from Malaysia) while our country was imposing strict travel restrictions.

However, as the travel ban has been lifted, the Royal Government of Cambodia decided that they could now return home. They must firstly give the Malaysian authorities time to do medical tests though to confirm that they have no positive sign of Covid-19. All of us, both at home and abroad, have to be careful not to bring in the disease and/or start any outbreak, since Covid-19 is extremely contagious.

Please do not worry, should you be not infected with Covid-19, you may return to Cambodia soon. On the other hand, should anyone of our workers is to be tested Covid-19 positive by the Malaysian health authorities, it is necessary that s/he will have to stay there until s/he is fully recovered before s/he is allowed to return.

For those who are returning, they will need to be in 14-days quarantine for follow-up, and another 14-days quarantine at their own home./.


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