New Legislature of NA Occupied by Majority of Over-60-year-old Lawmakers

AKP Phnom Penh, September 06, 2018 —Some 58.2 percent of the newly elected lawmakers of the sixth legislature of the National Assembly (NA), who were sworn in yesterday, are over 60 years old of age.

Most of them are between 60-69 years old, according to a release from the NA General Secretariat, adding that those aged in the seventies are in the second group, followed by those who reached their forties, but the percentage is quite low.

Among the new elected lawmakers, there are 19 women, and the eldest lawmaker is 84 years old, while the youngest is 32 years old, it pointed out.

According to same source, 73 lawmakers or 58.2 percent are between 60-69 years old, 24 lawmakers or 19.2 percent between 70-79 years old, 11 lawmakers or 8.8 percent between 40-49 years old, 8 lawmakers or 6.4 percent between 30-39 years old, 7 lawmakers or 6.6 percent between 50-59 years old, and 2 lawmakers or 1.6 percent, over 80 years of age.

By Khan Sophirom