Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers/Employees at the City of Chba Morn, Kompong Speu province [Unofficial Translation]


Promoting 2015-2025 Industrial Development Policy

I thank you so much for embracing me and for the first time that my belt almost went down […] first of all I wish to express my sincere thanks your warm welcomes to me, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen to this gathering today. I am so happy and excited to come here. I have started this gathering with workers/employees in August last year and now it is already May of this year that I have continued to do so in our efforts to promote industrial development policy for the period between 2015 and 2025 […]

Two Historic Tasks Achieved in Kompong Speu

… In the past, I came and resolved many issues in the province of Kompong Speu. There are two historic issues that I did here. Firstly, we integrated the Khmer Rouge’s division 18 under the command of General Keo Pung. You may note that this national road 44 leading to Oral was in those days not a safe passage. Sometimes we even had to withdraw our troops back to the district headquarters of Oral because of instant fighting. However, to implement the win-win policy, as I could recall it was in cold weather season, in early 1996. We started integration of Keo Pung’s division 18 that operated in Kompong Speu, carried our ambushes along national road 4, and on to Ta Ken Koh Sla and Kompot. There was a real need for us to ensure peace for people in Kompong Speu. Secondly, we did a great job to provide people in Kompong Speu with water for irrigation, and to Kandal and Phnom Penh as well. I came frequently to north and south Rorlaing Jrey […]

More Roads and Electricity for Kompong Speu

We also did many other works. Previously, there was no national road here. There was only a trail upon which journeys were unimaginably difficult. We have now put in place a road system and network. Kompong Speu has been quite fortunate that they have the national roads 41 and 44 on each side of the main national road 4. We will make further efforts to do more. We also run lines of electricity through the province of Kompong Speu and it is of great benefit for living condition, business and industrial development in the province […]

Localize Factories to Provinces – Vision from 1999

Envisioning need for development, we not only set up factories in Phnom Penh. We localize factories to provinces. This was a vision we had and launched since 1999. I brought it to attention during the Royal Government and Private Sector meeting. I recommended localizing factories closer to labor concentration […] as a result, you can see now that in Kompong Speu alone there are over 200 factories. You may ask yourself should the Royal Government make no peace, would there be an end to fighting in Kompong Speu, in particular, and in the whole country as a whole? Would there be investors, even with peace, but the Royal Government were to neglect communication, transports, electricity, and other related sectors? You may even ask further without these investors and factories, what jobs would you do right now? […]

After localizing schools successfully closer to homes in rural areas, the Royal Government will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year the vision of localizing factories to provinces to empower investment potential. I could say it was my vision to relate two economic poles together – Phnom Penh and the city of Sihanouk Ville, which serves as economic growth corridor for our country’s development […]

Standing to Keep Peace

This is not an election campaign. You must remember clearly that our country would not be able to secure development, should it not have peace. The one who stand to protect peace in this country is me and the Cambodian People’s Party, who in turn obliged me to fulfil this mission as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia to protect peace and the Cambodian people’s peaceful life. Though in this post and task, what I do does not satisfy some in the opposition and foreigners, I have never hesitated […] however, whether I can continue to deliver or not is up to the people’s decisions. I just wanted you to remember that we must protect our hard-won peace and the one who can help you do that would be no one else but the Cambodian People’s Party led by Prime Minister Hun Sen […]

I hope you will continue to help us achieve this. I wanted you to join together to keep peace to allow our country to further develop […] we started from scratch and your grandparents and parents have been with me along the way and I hope you will join them to do so. We have a long way to go and we need to keep peace and development. To do so, you simply vote for the Cambodian People’s Party. It is a firm guarantee. The one person to assure you that is me speaking before you. I apologize to other political parties for bringing up this issue. However, I have talked this even before the process of registration of political parties for the national elections. They also take this opportune moment to go around and talk to their activists, members and supporters. I meet openly with everyone and I speak openly too. It is not a new thing […]

Exercise Your Rights Every Five Years

You can remember that on 29 July 2018, or just two months away, the general elections will take place. I am sure your parents and other eligible voters in your families will not abandon their chance every five years to exercise their rights to choose whoever they wish to become their leaders. Some have appealed to our people not to go to vote. That was a violation of people’s rights. In Australia, I learnt from it there, they have a law that would fine people who do not go to vote. In our country, going to vote or not would be people’s rights. I believe that our people would not overlook their rights. I do not believe majority of voters answer to those who call for boycott of elections. The Cambodian People’s Party have over five million members out of the eight million registered voters. They should not forget that fact […]

They Will fail in Their Referendum

Should they wish to launch a referendum through number of voters, they surely bet to lose […] they have committed one mistake after the other. They will lose in this referendum battle […] look, the former King Father did not have the ability to mobilize people to stand up in 1970. After 1979, there was this Sihanoukist movement – FUNCINPEC, and repeated what the King Father said in 1970. In a coalition of tripartite, he could not wake our people to rise. They cannot bring themselves for a comparison with the King Father. They did it already in 2013. Out of 15 million people, they could bring in only tens of thousands of demonstrators. They tried to bring us down already. They led the campaign with foreign supports, but they failed.

Technically, the Less Number of Opposition Voters, the Better

At this moment, their bodies and bones have been buried dead already. Those who go out of the country cannot organize such actions. A commander has to be with their troops in a fight. You cannot do it on Facebook. I have no need to talk or exchange with anyone but we will see what will happen on 29 July 2018. In Cambodia, unlike elsewhere, Venezuela included, we will win a majority only with votes of members of the Cambodian People’s Party […] in fact I should not have brought this matter up and let it go the way it would. I may just remind them that the less number of opposition voters would be the best chance for other parties to win the elections. However, I am bringing this matter up now because I wanted people to exercise their rights. Technically, those who would not vote for the Cambodian People’s Party to stay home, there would be only CPP supporters […] and we have more than five million of them […]

Importantly, we must work together to keep peace and ensure democratic process through regular elections. We have had so much lessons from the past and I never, back in 1980s, could have imagined what Kompong Speu would be like. Now, only in Kompong Speu alone, we have over 90,000 workers/employees – a big number. This is not achieved because of the former opposition party. All they did back then was to go around telling foreigners to cease assistance to and to buy no goods from Cambodia. They lost their right to participate in democratic process because they are guilty and in prison, for which reason their rights are suspended […]

Domestic Helpers Are Non-Registered Workers

Please allow me to take this moment to bring up one issue. Domestic helpers are also a part of jobs providing sector fulfilled by non-registered workers. I am calling on those who employ them to take good care of them. Their jobs take away lots of their times. They are not like workers in factories, who have their days or times off. As a maid, she would have no Sunday, festive holiday, and even stayed late at night waiting to clean dishes. Let us all who employ domestic helpers be generous for all the good things they have done to our families […]./.